Workshop in scientific writing skills for theses and dissertations

The Writing Lab’s Workshop in Scientific Writing Skills for Theses and Dissertations provide postgraduate students with the opportunity to refine their scientific writing skills in an interactive, practical way and to receive answers about academic writing in general.

Various topics about writing theses and dissertations will be discussed, such as the role of the reader, style, internal and external structure, coherence, argumentation, as well as specific sections of a thesis or dissertation. However, the purpose of the workshop is not to furnish participants with a recipe or rigid writing ‘rules’ but rather to provide guidelines about using different writing strategies to effectively convey information, data and arguments.

Date and time: 25-28 March (09:00-12:30)

Venue: Writing Lab, 22 Crozier Street

Cost: R650/person (SU students and staff); R2 380/person (External participants)

Detailed information and registration forms can be downloaded from the Language Centre’s Website. A maximum of 20 participants can be accommodated in the workshop. To secure your place in the workshop, please send your completed registration form to Selene Delport at

Registrations close on 18 March 2013.