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Helping students with thesis writing

This twelve-hour course covers various aspects of thesis writing. Guiding a student through this process can be a complex and demanding task. We shall look at how students can approach writing the different sections of a thesis. During this course we shall also analyse how writing works with reference to coherence, cohesion and flow. Date: […]

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Workshop in Scientific Writing Skills for Theses and Dissertations

Date and time: 12-13 October 2010, 09:00-16:30 Venue: Tygerberg campus The workshop totals twelve hours running over two days. The purpose of the workshop is to provide a general introduction to the writing skills required for producing and organising information in theses and dissertations.  The main topics will be the following: Audience and purpose Structure […]

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Workshop in Scientific Writing Skills for Research Proposals

Date: 4 October 2010 Time:  09:00-16:30 Venue: Seminar Room of the Writing Lab, 22 Crozier Street This workshop provides an introduction to the writing skills necessary to creat and organise information when writing a research proposal.   The following topics will be addressed: Purpose of the research proposal Planning of the research proposal Components of the […]

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