Early warning signs

Posted January 17th, 2011 by POG admin

St SILUAN Early Warning Signs of Cancer in Children (click here for CHOC website)

Many children with cancer in South Africa are diagnosed too late or never.

Health care workers and parents must know the signs, so diagnosis can be made early in order to improve survival:

S   Seek: help early for persistent symptoms

I    Eye: white spot in eye,new squint,blindness, bulging eyeball

L  Lump: abdomen/pelvis, head/ neck, limbs, testes, glands

U  Unexplained: fever >2 weeks, weight loss, loss of appetite, pallor, fatigue, easy bruising/ bleeding

A  Aching: bones, joints, back and easy fractures

N  Neurological signs:  change /deterioration in walking, balance, speech/behaviour, regression of mile stones, early morning vomiting and/or headache >1 week, enlarging head

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