Welcome to SAIIE Maties

We are a student body representing Industrial Engineering students at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. SAIIE Maties is a subordinate branch of the greater SAIIE (South African Institute for Industrial Engineers).

What does SAIIE Maties do?

  • encourage the study of Industrial Engineering
  • promote the Industrial Engineering industry to recruiters and large corporates
  • facilitate the sourcing of job opportunities for graduates
  • provide companies with a a platform to advertise opportunities directly to Industrial Engineering students
  • inform students about critical information not covered in our academic curriculum (how to get your professional engineering status from ECSA)
  • facilitate networking between industrial engineering students (fun events promoting vertical socialising between Industrial Engineering students of various academic years)

Why is SAIIE Maties necessary?

There are several common questions that bother industrial engineering students and thus created the need for SAIIE.

  • Why don’t other engineering students know what Industrial Engineers do?
  • Why don’t people in general know about what we do?
  • What is happening in our own Industrial Engineering department?
  • What happens after University?

SAIIE Maties aims to break down these barriers and spread the word about Industrial Engineering!

Structure of SAIIE Maties

SAIIE Maties is run by an executive committee consisting of approximately 8 Industrial Engineering Students of varying academic years. Any current Industrial Engineering student at the University of Stellenbosch is welcome to apply to join the committee at the start of each year – applications are usually open within the first 4 weeks of the 1st academic term.

The committee is there to provide the structure necessary to achieve SAIIE Maties’ goals. SAIIE Maties is an integrated committee with its focus on working together to achieve its goals, while having a little fun.

SAIIE Support (for Companies)

SAIIE Maties is making major efforts to support the Industrial Engineering industry locally. To find out how supporting SAIIE Maties can boost your business, please send us an email at saiie_maties@sun..ac.za – we’d love to hear from you!