Pragma Africa

PRAGMA is a global engineering company

PRAGMA is a global engineering company providing physical asset management improvement services and products to our clients

Pragma Africa delivers the Asset Care Centre (ACC) service, asset management improvement projects and training on the African continent.

Our head office is in Johannesburg and we have branches in Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

As the oldest operational partner in the Pragma Group, we are very well established and have numerous long term clients with whom we have built up firm relationships. We view our service offering as a close knit partnership and are very involved with the growth and wellbeing of our clients.

Our clientele comes from various industries, including mining, manufacturing, facilities, petro-chemical, logistics and public sector entities. Over the past 20 years, we have built up a reputable resume by helping clients to improve the performance of their physical assets, reduce lifecycle costs and mitigate risks.

PAS 55
Currently the buzzword in our industry is PAS 55. This is the British Standards Institution’s “Publicly Available Specification” for the optimised management of physical assets, and it is also earmarked for conversion to an ISO standard in near future. It provides clear definitions and a structured requirements specification for well integrated, optimised and whole-life asset management solutions. The ACC service offering is aligned to this specification, and will thus facilitate compliance with the future ISO 55000 standard.

Statutory requirements
There are several statutory requirements that are met with our service offering. These include the following:

GRAP (Generally Recognised Accounting Practice), specifically GRAP 17 which relates to PPE (Property, Plant and Equipment).

MFMA (Municipal Financial Management Act) applies to all municipalities and requires that municipalities change to GRAP in a phased manner.

PFMA (Public Financial Management Act) applies to section 21 public entities such as municipal entities, Agricultural Research Council and provincial entities, with the vast majority of municipalities receiving qualified audits from the Auditor General.  Pragma is well poised to assist in this area.

BEE Status
Pragma Africa has a B-BBEE Status of A which is a level 4 contributor.