Research Project Affiliation Principal Investigator
Dynamics of the STC in the South Atl UCT Ansorge, IJ  Dr
Ocean tools manipulation and analysis course UCT Ansorge, IJ  Dr
Subtropical Convergence Study UCT Ansorge, IJ  Dr
Hosting of the Annual SANAP Principal Investigator – Student Symposium UCT Balarin, ER Mr
Reservoir host potential of invasive Mus Musculus UP Bastos, ADS Prof
Marine Mammal Exploration of the Oceans UP Bester, MN Prof
Population ecology of pinnipeds UP Bester, MN Prof
Albatrosses as ecosystem engineers SU Chown, SL  Prof
Drivers of sub-antarctic terrestrial SU Chown, SL  Prof
Marion and Prince Edward, Africa’s Southern Islands- launch SU Chown, SL  Prof
Promoting South Africa’s Antarctic Legacy SU Chown, SL  Prof
VLF, ELF and ULF Signs of Ionospheric Disturbances SANSA Collier, AB Dr
Extremophile phage biology UWC Cowan, DA Prof
Microbial communities in Antarctic soils UWC Cowan, DA Prof
Training courses in Quantitative Molecular Ecology 2009-2010 UWC Cowan, DA Prof
Seabirds at Marion Island UCT Crawford, RJM Dr
Sub-Antarctic fish systematics SAIAB Gon, O Mr
SCAR XXXI & Science Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina  2010 CG Grantham, GH Dr
The evolution of variability SU Jansen van Vuuren, B Prof
Wind generator and storage system for polar region SU Kamper, MJ  Prof
Southern Hemisphere Auroral Radar Experiment SANSA Magnus, LG Dr
Atmospheric Interactions and Applications SANSA Malinga, SB Dr
Spatial variability in Southern Ocean ecosystems RU McQuaid, CD Prof
Geomorphology and Climate Change RU Meiklejohn, KI  Prof
SA- Southern Ocean Biogeochemistry CSIR Monteiro, PMS Dr
Cosmic Ray Research NWU Moraal, H Prof
Antarctic impacts on South African climate UCT Reason, CJC Prof
Biogeochemistry of the Southern Ocean SU Roychoudhury, AN Prof
Individual variation in albatross re UCT Ryan, PG Prof
Short term change in Nesospiza buntings UCT Ryan, PG Prof
A vegetation biomass and nutrient budget of Marion SU Smith, VR Prof
Scientific Personnel Expenditure DEA Valentine, HR Mr
Creating an online archive UCT Van Sittert, L  Prof

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