Research Project Affiliation Principal Investigator
Ship-based and newmooring array south of Africa UCT Ansorge, IJ Dr
South Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation South Africa–Acontinued UCT Ansorge, IJ Dr
Subtropical Convergence Study UCT Ansorge, IJ Dr
Occupant comfort on a Polar Supply Research Vessel SU Bekker, A Dr
Antarctic blue whales UP Best, PB
Population Ecology of Pinnipeds UP Bester, MN Prof
Southern Elephant Seal Mating Systems UP Bester, MN Prof
 Archaeologies of Antarctica IZMT Boshoff, JJ Mr
Antarctic Marine Assessment and Management UCT Butterworth, DS Prof
Albatrosses as ecosystemengineers SU Chown, SL Prof
Antarctic Conservation in the 21st century: Workshop and Synthesis SU Chown, SL Prof
Human impacts on Antarctic biodiversity SU Chown, SL Prof
Polar Space Weather studies SANSA Cilliers, PJ Dr
Antarctic Science Winter School SANSA Collier, AB Dr
Extremophile phage biology UWC Cowan, DA Prof
Microbial communities in Antarctic soils UWC Cowan, DA Prof
Conserving penguins and inshore-feeding seabirds UCT Crawford, RJM Dr
Microbial ecosystemfunctioning RU Dorrington, RA Prof
The pre-Pan-African geological history of the  Rondane Mountains UKZN compared to the Natal Belt UJ Elburg, MA Dr
Deep crustal processes recorded in Antarctic rocks UCT Fagereng, A Dr
Gondwana Amalgamation and Correlation CG Grantham, GH Dr
Climate change and genetic diversity UJ Jansen van Vuuren, B Prof
The evolution of variability UJ Jansen van Vuuren, B Prof
Lightning and VLFWaves Observations to Characterise the Plasmasphere HMO SANSA Kosch, MJ Prof
SANAE HFradar experiment SANSA Lamprecht, GH Dr
Coccolithophore calcification rates UCT Lucas, MI Prof
Landscape prcesses in Antarctic Ecosystems RU Meiklejohn, KI Prof
SA–Southern Ocean Biogeochemistry CSIR Monteiro, PMS Dr
Seasonal Cycle of Carbon in Southern Ocean CSIR Monteiro, PMS Dr
Cosmic ray experiments NWU Moraal, H Prof
Iron, light limitation in Antarctic phytoplankton CSIR Mtshali, TN Dr
Bioactive elements in Southern Ocean SU Roychoudhury, AN Prof
ResConserving albatrosses and petrels UCT Ryan, PG Prof
Marion Island plant functional traits SU Smith, VR Prof
Biological response to physics using bio-optics CSIR Thomalla, SJ Dr
Scientific Personnel Expenditure DEA Valentine, HR Mr
Creating an online archive UCT Van Sittert, L Prof
Short termchange in Nesospiza buntings UCT Van Sittert, L Prof

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