2015 – 2017
Research Project Affiliation Principal Investigator
SAMOC-South Africa (SAMOC-SA) UCT Ansorge, IJ Prof
Vibration responses of the SA Agulhas II Polar Supply and Research Vessel SU Bekker, A Dr
Antarctic Marine Assessment and Management UCT Butterworth, DS Prof
Polar Space Weather Studies SANSA Cilliers, PJ Dr
SANAP Space Geodesy Marion/Gough/Antarctica HartRAO Combrinck, L Prof
Structural and functional metagenomics of Antarctic Dry Valley edaphic communities UP Cowan, DA Prof
Marion Island Marine Mammals – sensitivity to global drivers of environmental change UP De Bruyn, PJN Dr
Establishing the use of a new lipid paleo-biomarker in the Southern Ocean SU Fietz, S Dr
GAACRP GEO Grantham, GH Prof
A trait-based approach to understand alien invasion trajectories and potential invasion risks UP Greve, M Dr
Fine scale stable isotope analysis of teeth: an in-depth study of Southern Ocean fur seals Bayworld Hofmeyr, G Dr
Refugia: Presence, location and importance UJ Jansen van Vuuren, B Prof
SANAE HF Radar SANSA Kosch, MJ Prof
Cosmic-ray research NWU Kruger, H Dr
Incorporating biotic interactions to improve predictions of the ecological effects of climate change UP Le Roux, P Dr
Microbial Ecology in Antarctic Ecosystems RU Matcher, G Dr
Landscape Processes in Antarctic Ecosystems RU Meiklejohn, KI Prof
Ecophysiology of Marion Island plants SU Midgley, G Prof
Scale Sensitivities of CO2 Fluxes in the Southern Ocean CSIR Monteiro, PMS Dr
Landscape and climate interactions in a changing sub-Antarctic environment UFH Nel, W Prof
Ocean utilization in marine top predators NMMU Pistorius, P Dr
TRAIN-SOPP: Southern Ocean Primary Production in the Earth System UCT Reason, C Dr
Speciation and interaction of iron nano-particles in Southern Ocean SU Roychoudhury, an Prof
Albatrosses and petrels as ocean sentinels UCT Ryan, PG Prof
Observing Dawn in the Cosmos UKZN Sievers, J Prof
Surface ocean physical dynamics of the Southern Ocean CSIR Swart, S Dr
Understanding the biogeochemical response to physical drivers in the Southern Ocean using bio-optics CSIR Thomalla, SJ Dr

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