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By , January 28, 2013 20:17

The SU Science Faculty Teaching and Learning Forum aims to enhance the stature of Science Teaching at Stellenbosch University by supporting:

  1. The teaching function
  2. Research on teaching

The Science Teaching and Learning Discussion Forum (TLDF) aims to support teaching in the faculty through arranging work sessions, discussions and seminars for academics as well as students.  Activities planned for 2013 include:

  1. Supporting newly appointed academics
  2. Introductory session with students involved in teaching support
  3. Discussion about additional academic support
  4. Monthly seminars on teaching
  5. Science Teaching Day in May
  6. Identifying appropriate performance indicators for teaching
  7. Advice on the use of flexible assessment in the Faculty

The Science TLDF supports sound research on teaching, since we believe that trustworthy research in our context would not only improve understanding of teaching and learning issues, but also our teaching. The Science TLDF supports research on Science teaching through

  1. Monthly reading group meeting
  2. Research on topics such as the role of additional support in the faculty, which includes topics such as peer instruction and group work.

In addition to these activities, the Science TLDF also offers free consultation services to all Science Faculty Staff members.

Science TLDF flyer

For general inquiries contact Hanelie Adendorff: at hja@sun.ac.za  or 808-9191

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