SERAJ member, Michelle du Toit, receives Tekano Fellowship

SERAJ member, Michelle du Toit,receives Tekano Atlantic Fellowship for health equity in South Africa

The Tekano fellowship forms part of the greater Atlantic Fellows, which is an international leadership programme promoting equity on five continants. Tekano is the South African “branch” and focuses on health equity. Tekano is the Sesotho word for equality, and this is the underlying theme of the fellowship programme.Tekano seeks to build a more equal South Africa and to improve the health and well-being of all. It is funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies, who invest in leaders that “seek transformative change and greater equity in policies, practices and systems.” The programme seeks to bring people together to instigate change that can address the inequalities in health in South Africa.

The programme itself is inter-disciplinary and the 30 fellows consist of people from various fields of work, research, backgrounds and experience. The programme extends over one year and consists of eight structured modules on health equity and the underlying determinants of health. Additionally, the programme provides the opportunity to undertake projects to tackle health inequalities.

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