Alumni: Dr Gustav Muller


Gustav MullerGustav Muller is a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Rhodes University, where he teaches the law of contract and company law to commerce students, legal interpretation, as well as legal skills and jurisprudence. Stellenbosch University conferred the degree Doctor of Laws on him during December 2011 for his dissertation on “The impact of section 26 of the Constitution on the eviction of squatters in South African law” that he completed under the supervision of Professor Sandra Liebenberg and Professor André van der Walt. His dissertation investigates whether unlawful occupiers can be afforded greater protection through a substantive interpretation of section 26 of the Constitution, which is influenced by a contextual understanding of evictions and international law. He is interested in constitutional law (especially socio-economic rights), administrative law, the use of international law as an interpretive tool, legal theory and the inter-disciplinary study of law.



  • G Muller “Conceptualising “meaningful engagement” as a deliberative democratic partnership” (2011) 22 Stellenbosch Law Review Special Edition 742-758

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