Alumni: Dr Tarryn Bannister

The December 2016 graduation ceremony for doctoral candidates took place on Wednesday, 7 December. Tarryn Bannister received her LLD for her dissertation titled “The implications of a relational feminist interpretation of socio-economic rights for cohabitants”, under the supervision of Professors Sandy Liebenberg and Sonia Human. Tarryn’s dissertation focused on the socio-economic implications of family dissolution in South Africa, highlighting how women and children continue to disproportionately bear these burdens. Her dissertation provides recommendations for common law, legislative, and jurisprudential developments so as to ensure that the family legal regime is more responsive to the lived realities and needs of female cohabitants.

Regarding her experience within the SERAJ Project, Tarryn remarked that:

“The SERAJ Project has provided me with an incredibly enriching experience that I will never forget. The opportunity to participate in the Advanced Course on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Finland, to attend international and local academic colloquiums, while being exposed to some of the world’s leading academics has been both inspiring and educational. I am also very grateful to my fellow participants in the Project, for their collegiality and support throughout my doctoral studies. I am particularly grateful to Professor Liebenberg, a co-founder and director of the Project, for all of her guidance and support.”

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