Alumni: Dr Khulekani Moyo


3ba9c21Dr Khulekani Moyo is currently Head of Research at the South African Human Rights Commission. Prior to that, he was a Senior Lecturer at the Nelson R Mandela School of Law at the University of Fort Hare. Khulekani received his doctoral degree in Public Law in March 2013 from Stellenbosch University. He obtained his LLM in Public International Law from the University of Oslo, Norway (2008) and his LLB (Honours) from the University of Zimbabwe (2003). He also holds two diplomas in the International Protection of Human Rights (2011) and the Justiciability of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (2008) from Åbo Akademi University in Finland. Khulekani was admitted to practise law in Zimbabwe in 2003 as a legal practitioner, conveyancer and notary public. He has practiced law in Zimbabwe, worked in Namibia as a legal advisor to an insurance company and has worked for the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights in Oslo, Norway. His research interests include constitutional law, international human rights law, business and human rights, international criminal law and regional integration law. Regarding his experience at SERAJ, he stated that:

“My doctoral research has been greatly enhanced and benefited from my membership and participation in the Socio-Economic Rights & Administrative Justice Research Project (SERAJ) at Stellenbosch University’s Faulty of Law. Founded and co-directed by the able leadership of Professors Liebenberg and Quinot, this unique and innovative project’s main objective is to enhance the responsiveness of the legal system to the problems of poverty, socio-economic vulnerability, and administrative injustice at both theoretical and practical levels. My work with SERAJ has greatly enhanced my research skills and engendered a deeper understanding of the South African, as well as the international, normative framework for the protection and enforcement of socio-economic rights. The knowledge that I have acquired through my association with SERAJ will be invaluable in my teaching, research, advocacy and litigation activities in the area of socio-economic rights.”



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  • K Moyo (with M Langford) “South African Human Rights Reports” (2008, 2009) University of Oslo, prepared for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Newspaper publications:

  • K Moyo, publication of an opinion piece titled “Safeguarding our right to access clean water” (01-10-2013) Cape Argus, page 12;
  • K Moyo, publication of an opinion piece titled “Upholding vulnerable groups’ right to water” (06-09-2013) Star Africa, page 17;
  • K Moyo, publication of an opinion piece titled “Water access is a basic human right which must be protected” (11-09-2013) Cape Times, page 9.

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