Alumni: Philip Swanepoel

Philip Swanepoel graduated from Stellenbosch University with a BA Law degree in March 2014 and with a postgraduate LLB degree in March 2016. He wrote his final year essay on meaningful engagement as a constitutional remedy in the context of socio-economic rights under the guidance of Professor Sandra Liebenberg. This encouraged him to commence his LLM degree in 2016, also under the supervision of Professor Liebenberg, on the use of structural interdicts as a remedy in South African constitutional law.

Philip graduated and received his LLM degree cum laude (in absentia) during the December 2017 graduation ceremony for his work on remedial structural interdicts, entitled “The potential of structural interdicts to constitute effective relief for socio-economic rights violations”. Philip was travelling in Turku, Finland, at the time as a guest of the Institute for Human Rights at Åbo Akademi where he also participated in the Intensive Course on Contemporary Challenges to International Human Rights Law.

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