Key Resources on Administrative Justice in South Africa


Southern African Legal Information InstituteThe Southern African Legal Information Institute‘s database (SAFLII) is recommended for all users outside of South Africa. SAFLII publishes legal information for free public access, which comprises mainly of case law and legislation from South Africa.



Constitutional Court of South AfricaThe Constitutional Court of South Africa’s website also contains a judgment database with the full text of all Constitutional Court judgments, summaries of judgments, court orders, heads of argument, pleadings and other documents.




Key case law on administrative justice in South Africa


Administrator, Transvaal v Traub 1989 4 SA 731 (A)

Bato Star Fishing (Pty) Ltd v Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism 2004 4 SA 490 (CC)

Bel Porto School Governing Body v Premier, Western Cape 2002 3 SA 265 (CC)

Carephone (Pty) Ltd v Marcus NO 1999 3 SA 304 (LAC)

Chirwa v Transnet Limited 2008 4 SA 367 (CC)

Fedsure Life Assurance Ltd v Greater Johannesburg Transitional Metropolitan Council 1999 1 SA 374 (CC)

Freedom Stationery (Pty) Ltd v Member of the Executive Council, for Education, Eastern Cape 2011 JDR 0192 (ECB)

Greys Marine Hout Bay (Pty) Ltd v Minister of Public Works 2005 6 SA 313 (SCA)

Joseph v City of Johannesburg 2010 4 SA 55 (CC)

Kate v MEC for the Department of Welfare 2005 1 SA 141 (SE)

Lawyers for Human Rights v Rules Board for Courts of Law 2012 7 BCLR 754 (GNP)

Logbro Properties CC v Bedderson NO 2003 1 All SA 424 (SCA)

Mamba v Minister of Social Development CCT 65/08 (21 August 2008)

Minister of Health v New Clicks South Africa (Pty) Ltd (Treatment Action Campaign as Amicus Curiae) 2006 2 SA 311 (CC)

Mazibuko v City of Johannesburg 2010 4 SA 1 (CC)

MEC for Education, Northern Cape v Bateleur Books (Pty) Ltd 2009 4 SA 639 (SCA)

MEC for the Department of Welfare v Kate 2006 4 SA 478 (SCA)

Minister of Public Works v Kyalami Ridge Environmental Association (Mukhwevho Intervening) 2001 3 SA 1151 (CC)

National Treasury v Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance 2012 6 SA 223 (CC)

Permanent Secretary of the Department of Education of the Government of the Eastern Cape Province v Ed-U-College (PE) (Section 21) Inc 2011 2 SA 1 (CC)

Permanent Secretary, Department of Welfare, Eastern Cape v Ngxuza 2001 4 SA 1184 (SCA)

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of South Africa: Ex parte President of the Republic of South Africa 2000 2 SA 674 (CC)

Premier, Mpumalanga v Executive Committee, Association of State-Aided Schools, Eastern Transvaal 1999 2 SA 91 (CC)

President of the Republic of South Africa v South African Rugby Football Union 2000 1 SA 1 (CC)

Rail Commuters Action Group v Transnet Ltd t/a Metrorail 2005 2 SA 359 (CC)

Residents of Joe Slovo Community, Western Cape v Thubelisha Homes 2010 3 SA 454 (CC)

Walele v City of Cape Town 2008 6 SA 129 (CC)

Zondi v MEC for Traditional and Local Government Affairs 2005 3 SA 589 (CC)


Key articles on administrative justice in South Africa


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  • Davis, D “To defer and then when? Administrative law and constitutional democracy” (2006) Acta Juridica: Comparing Administrative Justice Across the Commonwealth 23-41
  • De Villiers, N “Procedural fairness and reasonable administrative action within the social assistance system: Implications of some settled class actions” (2006) 22 South African Journal on Human Rights 405-438
  • De Ville, JR “Deference and différance: Judicial review and the perfect gift” (2006) 2 Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal 1-48
  • De Ville, JR “Deference as respect and deference as sacrifice: A reading of Bato Star Fishing v Minister of Environmental Affairs” (2004) 20 South African Journal on Human Rights 577-615
  • Hoexter, C “Judicial policy revisited: Transformative adjudication in administrative law” (2008) 24 South African Journal on Human Rights 281-299
  • Hoexter, C “The principle of legality in South African administrative law” (2004) 4 Macquarie Law Journal 165-185
  • Hoexter, C “The future of judicial review in South African administrative law” (2000) 117 South African Law Journal 484
  • O’Regan, K “Breaking ground: Some thoughts on the seismic shift in our administrative law” (2004) 121 South African Law Journal 424-437
  • Price, A “Rationality review of legislation and executive decisions: Poverty Alleviation Network and Albutt” (2010) 127 South African Law Journal 580-591
  • Quinot, G “An administrative law perspective on ‘bad building’ evictions in the Johannesburg Inner City” (2007) 8 ESR Review 25-28
  • Quinot, G “New procedures for the judicial review of administrative action” (2010) 25 South African Public Law 646-663
  • Quinot, G “Substantive reasoning in administrative-law adjudication” (2010) 3 Constitutional Court Review 111-139
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  • Quinot, G & Liebenberg, S “Narrowing the band: Reasonableness review in administrative justice and socio-economic rights jurisprudence in South Africa(2011) 22 Stellenbosch Law Review 639-663

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