Allied Health Sciences

Rural Clinical School (RCS) programmes

 Providing opportunity for rural training to students ANDgiving hope to rural communities
 All 5 Stellenbosch health professional undergraduate programmesinvolved
 Medicine
 OT
 Human Nutrition
 Physio
 Speech, Language and Hearing Therapy
 Interprofessional learning through interprofessional education (IPE) and practice



o Rural setting, small community, ability to form relationships
o Immersion in a community
o Align programmes to community identified needs, inclresearch
o Pilot area to measure social impact
o Collaborative care: working in an interprofessionalteam to achieve holistic care
o Development of interpersonal, communication skills (graduate attributes)
o Opportunity to adapt to new cultures, means of communication and new surroundings

Coordinators and student facilitators

 Occupational therapy = 1
 Physiotherapy = 2
 Human Nutrition = 3
 Speech Language and Hearing therapy = 1
 Collaborative Care (IPE) = 1

Extended programmes in AHS

 Occupational therapy:
 8 students full time in Worcester since 2013
 2 students for 6 weeks per site, 4 rotations in a year (Therapy, Management, Psychosocial, School blocks)
 Dietetics:
 2014, 2016 and 2017
 4 students spend entire year, covering all rotations (Ukwanda–comprehensive rotation, therapeutic nutrition, community nutrition and research)
 Physiotherapy (2015):
 4 students spend 6 months to complete 3 of their 5 rotations (Community, Adult Neuro, Speciality Paedsblock)

Ukwanda Worcester has 3/5Clinical Blocks

•Speciality: Paediatrics/ Sports
•Medical & Surgical / ICU
-Avian Park

Interprofessional education at Ukwanda

Collaborative Care home visits
Academic lunches
Avian Park student run Rehab Centre
Avian Park after school programme and garden
Avian park sports initiative
EmpilisweniECD screening
Annual Community Partnership Function
Medical students on rehab rotation IV, V and VI
Existing structures at existing sites


Chronic clinics
Family planning
Baby clinic
Chronic pain classes
Brainwaves support group
HIV support group
Women’s Health clinic
Life Skills group
HIV testing
Medication distribution point
Allied Health discipline specific clinics
Home visits on bedridden patients
Acute clinic for chronic patients
GIG clinic
Physio home visits

The Collaborative Care Project’Facilitating practical interprofessional collaboration

Started in 2012 as a household screening project in Avian Park
2013-2017 ICF based evaluation on a home visit with reflection and referral
Collaborative Care Home Visit project
Academic lunches
Community ward rounds

What is the Collaborative Care home visit project

An interprofessional team approach to patient assessment and management at a community based level

Interprofessional patient case discussion and team planning in groups
Home visit with the community health worker (CHW) in interprofessional groups
Interprofessionalgroup discussion, planning and referring regarding further management of the patient/household
Presentation of plan to the rest of the students and CHW and group reflection