Comments from previous students

“Now I actually would tie a condition to a patient, which I’ve never done before. I’ve always just studied topics, because I’ve had a list of spots and that’s it. But now I remember better, because I’ve actually seen a patient with such a condition, so now say I’m studying cardiac failure, I’d remember Mrs X and I’d always remember it, because I’d know exactly because I was part of her management.”

“Well, in Tygerberg for example you do not really take decisions for patients. Often you are just ignored when on a ward round. Your contributions are not really taken into account. At Worcester, you are part of the team. You take part in the decisions about patients. Your input is actively listened to, and this also motivates you to look a bit at the most recent literature in order to contribute to the discussions and decisions about patients.”

“Skills, it exceeded all my expectations. I have never ever done so many things in my whole life. Yes, I am so ready for my internship next year with all these skills that I developed”.

“So there is always reciprocity among the members of the team, and that is something that you do not easily find at Tygerberg. To me there is a big difference between a group of people and a team. Teams work together, groups walk together.”