Ukwanda Rural Clinical School

Who are We?

The Ukwanda Rural Clinical School (RCS) is an expansion of the work of UKWANDA Centre for Rural (CRH) whilst at the same time recognizing that the work of Ukwanda CRH extends beyond the RCS. The Ukwanda Rural Clinical School involves the health facilities and services in the eastern half of the Cape Winelands District and the entire Overberg District.  At the centre of the school is the Worcester Regional Hospital.  These facilities provide specialist support to 7 district hospitals and their more than 70 clinics (both fixed and mobile). An important component of the RCS is the training of students within the District Health Services.  Therefore the RCS training is done both at the Regional Hospital and in the District Hospitals with the support of both general specialists and family physicians and other health care professionals. A rural campus was completed August 2012 adjacent to Worcester Hospital.  It includes a modern and well-equipped academic building and a residence for 40 students.