Why a Rural Clinical School?

The Ukwanda RCS is one of the 22 Overarching Strategic Plan (OSP) projects of the Stellenbosch University. The OSP, launched in June 2010, is the vehicle by which the University will achieve its strategic vision to become significantly better, significantly different and more relevant to the context in which it operates. The rationale of the RCS includes that:

  • Early exposure to rural health allows FHS students real-life experience in community-based training and repeated learning opportunities in the years thereafter
  • International experiences indicate that longer exposure in the area increases retention postgraduate.
  • More than 50% of South Africans live in rural areas and have an equal right to quality healthcare.
  • Community orientated education and training through engagement of students in a range of learning activities in rural/underserved areas.
  • Exposure to rural health may influence future career decisions to serve rural communities.