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Day 10 of a 21-Day Journey through the ALSA Digital Repository: The South Pole.

The South African flag flies at the South Pole.

The South Pole was first reached by a Norwegian explorer in 1911. A South African took the South African flag to the South Pole in 1958 as part of Sir Edmund Hillary’s team to cross the continent overland – a journey that took 99 days.  Antarctic Brochure

The geographic South Pole is located on the continent of Antarctica, a land mass at the southernmost point. The South Pole is much colder than the North Pole. Article in The Endurance August Edition – S51.

A map and description of the four poles can be find on the ALSA archive in the publication by the Department of Transport in 1974, SANAE Antarctic Expedition.

Roald Amundsen  is regarded as the most successful polar explorer, being the first human on both the geographic North Pole (12.5.1926) and South Pole (14.12.1911). In January 1911 Amundsen reached Antarctica. He reached his goal 35 days before his rival, Robert Scott. Amundsen relied on sledge dogs for transportation, which were later eaten for survival. The Endurance 2014 2nd Edition – S53

Many people over the years reach the South Pole with different expeditions. In: 2018 South Africans Alex Harris and Sibusiso Vilane made history on Thursday when they became the first South African team to walk unassisted to the South Pole; 2017 A 50-year-old South African explorer has reached the South Pole on a record-breaking journey. Mike Horn, an intrepid 50-year-old explorer from South Africa, is currently trying to become the first person to circumnavigate the planet via both of its poles. At the end of last week, just over eight months into his journey and after almost a month on skis, he reached the South Pole; 2020 Saray Khumalo has made history by becoming the first Black African woman to reach the South Pole.

Many books were published over the years of the South Pole expeditions. The Crossing, by John Knight is about the Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1953-58 in which Hannes La Grange represented South Africa.

Transport to the South Pole.The first team to fly to the South Pole was led by Richard Byrd of the United States.  The flight took place in November 1929. – Antarctica FactsWhite Desert Emperors and South Pole adventure. This adventure takes you into the heart of Antarctica on to the southernmost point on earth – the South Pole! Antarctic Logistics Centre International provide a full range of services for the flights from Cape Town to Antarctica.

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