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Day 13 of a 21-Day Journey through the ALSA Digital Repository: Clothing

     Clothes is an essential item for visiting one of South Africa stations in Antarctica or on Marion and Gough Island. The clothes are protection against the harsh environment and over the years studies have been done to establish how people adapt to the climate. “The use of relatively sophisticated and often complicated, to establish whether any degree of acclimatization to cold occurs in people residing in polar regions for lengthy periods is not always practicable. A simple method is the use of clothing records where the change with time in the amount of clothing worn Studies on Clothing and Thermal Comfort in Antarctica by  JM Loots and M Krüger.

     The Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries issue team members and takeover personnel with specific clothing items to endure the extreme temperatures. This information can also be found on the SANAP website.

– Protective rain or cold weather garments such as waterproofs (Jackets and pants)
– Gum boots or snow boots
– Polar fleece jacket
– Thermal underwear (shirts and pants)
– Workwear overalls (jackets and pants)
– A few sweaters
– Thick socks
– Gloves
– Balaclava

                     Clothing and gear are a topic that has been raised in many newsletters and articles over the years. Below a few links to some of these documents.

  • Article written by the doctor of the first SANAE team in the Antarctic Bulletin
  • A detailed description of the clothes by a tea member in the Endurance Newsletter of SANAE38 Endurance Newsletter
  • A Journal written by Christel Hansen
  • In the Prince Edward Islands Conservation Handbook by M De Villiers, J Cooper and S Chown the importance of clothing to protect the environment is emphasized.
  • Review of logistics, facilities and gear is available in a Report. By David Walton, John Thiede, Leslie Manley and Albert Hoffman

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