COVID-19 lockdown level 3

We are open for business during lockdown level 3!!

However, very strict regulations are in place to keep our laboratories clean and our users and staff safe. We trust that all our users will understand this and will support us in making the best of the situation.

We request that all bookings are made at least 24 hours in advance, so staff can assure there will be no logistical problems and violations of the regulations.

Some of the regulations include:

  1. that no-one is to enter a CAF laboratory without prior arrangements with CAF staff and a booking on the booking system.
  2. Only fully trained users will be allowed to enter a laboratory to use equipment. They may not be accompanied by anyone else. There are special arrangements in place for the users and they should familiarise themselves with the full set of regulations.
  3. Only one person per room is allowed (except in the Flow Cytometry Centre where two spaces may be booked at the same time).
  4. We’ve allowed for a 30 minute buffer between bookings to allow time for sterilisation and for one person to leave before the next one arrives. No-one may work longer than their booking to ensure the buffer time is used for its intended purpose.
  5. CAF staff will acquire data for the no-trained users and data will be sent to the user and all arrangements, discussions etc should take place online. They may not be present during the acquisition. However, where necessary, we will try and arrange for a virtual meeting should the user need to be involved in the acquisition.
  6. Non-trained users may make bookings, but need to arrange with the CAF staff for a time to deliver the samples. A dedicated delivery point will be indicated both at Tygerberg medical campus as well as the unit in Stellenbosch. See the booking system for the location of the particular delivery point.
  7. When samples are prepared for delivery, the user must wash their hands and wear a mask at all times when handling the samples. Where possible samples should be packed in a plastic bag or container and if it is delivered in an ice box, the contents should all be in a plastic bag/container.


Please see the comprehensive list of Fluorescence Microscopy Unit COVID 19 lockdown regulations. Independent users should be fully informed about all these.