Flow Cytometry Webinars with BD and CAF

Since we cannot do training in person during this pandemic, we have made a plan to still make training available to our users. BD offered a short webinar series which started on Monday 7 June with an introduction to flow cytometry. The follow-up on Tuesday 8 June was an explaination how various fluorochromes work and the principals of compensation.

There are still three more webinars coming up, so anyone interested are still welcome to register for these free webinars:

Wednesday 10 June – 13:00-14:00  Panel design

Wednesday 17 June – 13:00-14:00   Principals of Sorting

Thursday 18 June – 13:00-14:00   FlowJo Data Analyses Tutorial (Basic)

For those who missed the first webinars, you are more than welcome to have a look at training videos available from BD on their e-learning website.