First online webinars a huge success

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we cannot train our users in the CAF Fluorescence Microscopy Unit like we normally do. So what can we do? We go on-line! During July our unit teamed up with Zeiss, Luminex and our own CAF Electron Microscopy Unit to present webinars.


Together with Zeiss we presented the ZOYC Microscopy Webinar series (ZOYC is short for Zeiss On Your Computer). Various topics ranging from the basics of microscopy and fluorescence to more advanced technology like super-resolution microscopy was discussed. Even though Eskom gave us some additional challenges with load shedding during the first week of the series, we still managed to attract approximately 90 participants per webinar.



Application specialists from Luminex were kind enough to present a webinar for us on the AMNIS ImageStreamX and how imaging flow cytometry is achieved with this high end equipment.

The feedback from the audience was phenomenal and we will most likely see a lot of new projects incorporating this wonderful new tool in the near future.


Correlative light and electron microscopy has been part of our services for the past 5 years and we have come a long way to optimise protocols for our users. In a webinar we hosted together with the CAF Electron Microscopy Unit, we taught students what CLEM is about, how it can take your research to the next level and shared a few workflow

Although we are looking forward to training students on the equipment again, this way we could reach many more students and prepare them for their microscopy experiments to come!s to achieve correlation between fluorescence images and electron microscopy images.

Videos of the webinars are available on the CAF Youtube channel:

For a list of the webinars with their respective video link, click for a List of Online webinars and Discussions.