AMNIS ImageStream X







The AMNIS® ImageStreamX Mk II is an instrument that operates like a conventional flow cytometer, with the added advantage of providing images of every event acquired. The state of the art technology combines the speed and quantitative properties of flow cytometry with the detailed imagery properties of microscopy, which are delivered in one single unit.

The AMNIS® ImageStreamX MK is housed at the Tygerberg campus of Stellenbosch University.

Performance characteristics:

  • 2 camera system delivering images of brightfield, side scatter (SSC) and up to 10  fluorescent markers depending on setup.
  • A set up of 7 lasers: 375 nm, 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, 592 nm, 642 nm and 730 nm
  • Objectives: 20x objectives to view larger structures or cells; 40x and 60x objectives for analyses of cells as small as yeast and bacteria and intracellular detail of larger cells
  • Extended depth of field (EDF) delivering a single in focus image of a structure or cell

High throughput with an imaging rate:

Magnification Max acquisition rate
20x 5 000 cells/sec
40x 2 000 cells/sec
60x 1 200 cells/sec
  • Automated acquisition from a 96 well plate
  • Analysing sample volumes between 20-200ul
  • High resolution images and statistics are retrieved in real-time
  • Automated instrument operations include start up and shut down, laser alignment, focus adjustment, calibration and self-testing



Any discipline investigating living or non-living elements, from cells and microorganisms to polymers and particles, that requires microscopy to characterise on shape, size structure and function.

Examples include:

Cell Signaling
Cell-Cell Interactions
Stem Cell Differentiation
Cell Death

For a complete table of channels available please see AMNIS channels and corresponding fluorophores.

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