Flow cytometry is one of the most powerful techniques for characterisation of properties of cells and particles. This technology allows for the rapid and concurrent measurement of the physical and fluorescent parameters of 0.5-50µm particles, as they pass through a laser beam, giving information about the relative size, internal complexity and fluorescent intensity of the particles or cells of interest. The BD FACSMelody is based on the technology of the older BD FACSAria cell sorter, but has a much more user friendly interface and automation built into the system.

The instrument has three lasers (488nm, 640 and 405nm) and can detect up to 9 fluorescent parameters. This instrument at our unit allows for single particle acquisition of up to 70 000 events per second. One of its main features is its ability to sort particles or cells of interest by the use of electronic deflection into tubes, culture plates, PCR plates and onto microscope slides. This instrument is well suited for isolating cells or particles in order to obtain a purified yield of the marker or particle of interest.

For instrument specifics, please click here BD FACSMelody Specification Sheet. For bookings or more information contact Mrs Lize Engelbrecht.