Partners and Collaborators

An important part of our strategy towards maximum academic impact is to work closely with some of the best scientists in the world.  We are privileged to have strong working relationships, some very formal and others less so, with a number of exceptional people and groups.  We also work  closely with several partners in the South African forestry industry and with suppliers of critical technology.

International partners and associates

A number of international scientists are involved in our work as collaborators on current grants and/or as co-supervisors on student projects:

Dr Geoff Downes (Forest Quality, Australia)

Prof Jan van Aardt (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)

Prof Jerry Vanclay (Southern Cross University, Australia)

Prof Hans Pretzsch  (Technical University of Munich, Germany)

Prof Rasmus Astrup (NIBIO, Norway)

In addition, we are building long-term, strategic international partnerships in the context of the EucXylo Research Chair.

Main Industry and Technology Partners

We are particularly grateful for continual support through funding and in-kind contributions from the Hans Merensky Foundation (HMF) Mondi, SAPPI, Hans Merensky Holdings (HMH) and and Forestry South Africa (FSA).  We particularly acknowledge the extensive support from the Hans Merensky Foundation who are now funding the new EucXylo Research Chair.


We also work closely with technology providers such as Riegl, Z & F, Optron/Trimble, and have a close relationship with the South African equipment supplier Alternative Structures.  These partners have over the years been an essential part of research projects requiring high technology and the best in forest measurement instrumentation.  We are grateful for their ongoing support!