Food Security Background

Wheat Field

The FSI is closely aligned with the South African government’s priority to address the issue of food security, particularly in the light of a changing climate and to address issues of human dignity. It is estimated that in South Africa approximately 14 million people are food insecure and that 1.5 million children suffer from malnutrition (Report to the Office of the Presidency, June 2007). These concerning data are the platform from which nine research projects within the FSI have developed, spanning different faculties and departments including the health sciences, agricultural sciences, engineering, and the social sciences.

The FSI incorporates research synthesis, appropriate communication of results, and other knowledge translation activities to ensure that research findings are actually used to motivate and justify policy change and evidence based practice. The FSI projects were launched in January 2010.

Based on a transdisciplinary process we seek to align ourselves with other researchers in the area and international researchers who have a keen interest in research topics that are pertinent to understanding the root causes of food insecurity and how these fit into the causes for South Africa as a whole. This will involve aligning ourselves with the other regional networks (SADC, NEPAD and the AU) and has already involved working with other Universities in the Cape.

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