Month: March 2009

Screencasts in the “Helpdesk” environment

This is – by no stretch of the imagination – expected to be a “showcase” of how screencasts of tutorials should be done but what can be done with a screencasting program and a microphone. It should serve as an inspiration for you all How to do duplex-printing in GERGA Creating a distribution list with Webmail Installing InetKey without Novell Updating the University Spam filters with Outlook Uploading to the GERGADOCS server Accessing the classroom bookings Printing multiple pages on one sheet of paper Accessing the GERGADOCS server Exporting OpenOffice documents Happy screencasting! David...

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Understanding what computer support says and what they really mean

 From an article by Bill Detwiler from IT Dojo: If you’ve worked in a support role long enough, you’ve probably developed your own style of translating technical issues to users who aren’t that tech savvy. Sometimes your explanations may owe more to art than science. Even though we try our best to communicate honestly and clearly with our users, we have to admit that we sometimes fall back on a few handy excuses or stalling tactics. I’ll illustrate with a few examples, and you can decide if any of them sound all-too-familiar: Computer Support says: Hmmmm… I see the...

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GERGABlog now online

Information is a powerful tool in the right hands and when information and communication is lacking, then a large organization like the Faculty of Health Sciences does not perform at its optimum level. This blog is intended to address – to a small degree – that problem. We will try to place tips, short articles and tutorials online for the benefit of all students, lecturers and administrative staff. Small beginnings, but hopefully it will improve in time and become a Tygerberg hub of...

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