Month: October 2018

Cyber-Security Awareness Month – Creating strong passwords

Earlier this week I pointed out that most people still underestimate the importance of having a secure password, and still make the mistake of using simple words and numbers as a password. Keep in mind that your e-mail and social network accounts contain very personal information about you. You must have a strong password to keep your personal life personal, and not become a victim of identity theft. (In 2015, 1 out of every 6 South Africans were victims of identity theft) Using e-mail or your profile on Facebook, Whatsapp or Google, hackers can, and do, extract a huge...

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Cyber-Security Awareness Month – Common Passwords

The past two years have been particularly devastating for data security world-wide, with a number of well-publicized hacks, data breaches and extortion attempts. Annually SplashData publishes a list of the most common passwords. The list is created using data from more than five million passwords that were leaked by hackers in 2018 and with a quick glance at the list, one thing is clear – we do not learn from our mistakes. People continue to use easy-to-guess passwords to protect their information. For example, “123456” and “password” retain their top two spots on the list—for the fifth consecutive year...

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