Becoming a Matie best decision ever, says Kretzmann : 2015-10-13


Choosing to come to Stellenbosch University and play hockey for Maties was one of her best decisions ever, Bronwyn Kretzmann.

The popular Kretzmann played four seasons (2012-2015) for Maties. She was part of the victorious Western Province Grand Challenge team all four years. She has also won a medal at each of the USSA tournaments including the gold medal last year.

“My years spent at Maties are without a doubt some of the most memorable years of my hockey career. The pride and passion of the Maties 1st team is something I will always treasure to have been a part of. The many tours, trainings, match days and team functions all added up to an unforgettable experience with the team. The years flew by but I will always remember our team gees and the environment we lived in and for,” said Kretzmann.


Having the opportunity to play under former international coach Jenny King and with former and current international players like Hanli Hattingh, Illse Davids, Quanita Bobbs and Erin Hunter have made for the perfect learning environment. “Lessons learnt include ‘I never lose, I only win or learn’; a motto that we carried with us during the one tournament. Every time you put on the Maties uniform you have a standard to produce. To play with everything you have for the teammates by your side and to fight until the end. Making the decision to come to Stellenbosch and becoming a Matie was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have never once looked back. The training and playing environment at Maties is phenomenal, the opportunities are outstanding and the club ethos is admirable. Being part of the Maties legacy is something everyone is honoured to be a part of.”

Kretzmann has definitely played her role in creating some special memories for the Maties team, but she will also take some with her. “Every single year added more and more amazing memories to my time spent at Maties. The club support and social gatherings always ensured a good bond. The Maties team became a family to me. The tough times made us stronger and the good times were endless. I will never forget all the incredible memories shared with this team and will forever cherish the impact my Maties teammates have on my life.”

Her final message to those staying behind: “Keep living the Maties legacy.”


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