Boonzaaier’s detour into Maties team worth every step : 2017-05-04

Logan Boonzaaier’s story is not just one that proves dreams do come true, or that hard work will get rewarded, but also that the structures Stellenbosch University and Maties Sport put in place to help prospective and current student-athletes, work.

Boonzaaier has just made his debut for Maties in the Varsity Cup series. His first match in the Maroon jersey is only the end of a very interesting story of determination.

“I was eager to study at the Stellenbosch University. So I applied for the SciMathUS programme 2015 so that I could improve the necessary marks and become a Matie. SciMathUS not only helped me to improve my marks and get admission to the US, but it has also taught me to prioritize better. For me to study and get my degree is the most important. I want to achieve something in my life. I want to someday get a good job,” said the native of Franschhoek.

This programme offers learners, who have already passed Grade 12 (with an average of at least 60%) but who do not qualify for higher education, a second opportunity to improve their NSC results in specific subjects to enable them to re-apply for university programmes. he programme offers students a choice between a Science and Accounting stream. Students therefore take either Mathematics and Physical Sciences. These students rewrite the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination in both subjects; or Mathematics and Introduction into Financial Accounting and Introduction in Economics. These students rewrite the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination only in Mathematics. The other two subjects are offered and assessed by Stellenbosch University as part of the Extended degree programme in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. The programme follows an active learning ​approach where students learn to take responsibility for their own learning.

Boonzaaier got admission and is currently studying BCom Financial Accounting. Boonzaaier played for PCA in the first year tournament last year. Without realising this was his next step to the Maties rugby team. “Everything happened quite unexpectedly. The coach of the Maties Young Guns, Christoff Lotter saw me play. He called me and told me to come train with the Young Guns. I could not believe it! Part of being a Matie for me is to play rugby for Maties. I then played the season for the Young Guns. Shortly before the end of the year I got another call, this time from Coach Hawies (Fourie, Maties’ coach). He asked me if I would be interested in playing for the Varsity team. Will I be interested! I could not believe it. Another dream come true. I give all the glory to God for the wonderful way things happened in my life thus far.”

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