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Five gold medals for Maties Athletics : 2016-04-20

Shaun de Jager

Shaun de Jager

Five athletes from Maties Athletics Club were crowned national champions this past weekend at the SA Senior Track and Field Athletic Championships held at Coetzenburg.

Discuss thrower Victor Hogan not only defended his national title successfully but also qualified for the Olympic Games in Rio with his winning distance of 67.62m on Friday, the first day of the event. On Saturday high jumper Keagan Fourie won his first senior national title when he won the high jump with a height of 2.15m.

“It is great to win this event, but I also really wanted a better height to be honest,” Fourie said moments after he was crowned champion. He has also won titles at high school and national junior level. “It was always the goal to win the title today, but you just never know so it wasn’t easy at all. I also wanted to jump at least 2.20m, but on the day it just did not happen.”

Shaun de Jager won the silver medal in the 400m with a season’s best time of 45,90 seconds. He was beaten by world champion Wayde van Niekerk. It was a great race and De Jager just missed out on his personal best time.

In the multi-disciplined events Maties Athletics won three gold medals. Wynand du Toit is the new Junior decathlon champion. Nienka du Toit won the heptathlon for junior women, while youngster Leandre Ketch won gold in the pentathlon for girls u16.

Keagan Fourie

Keagan Fourie


Vyf goue medaljes vir Maties Atletiek

Vyf lede van die Maties Atletiekklub is as nasionale kampioene in hul onderskeie items gekroon by die SA Senior Baan- en Veldatletiekkampioenskap wat die afgelope naweek by Coetzenburg aangebied is.

Diskusgooier Victor Hogan het nie net sy nasionale titel suksesvol verdedig nie, maar het ook vir die Olimpiese Spele in Rio gekwalifiseer met sy wenafstand van 67.62m op Vrydag, die eerste dag van die kampioenskap. Die hoogspringer Keagan Fourie het Saterdag sy eerste senior nasionale titel gewen toe hy die hoogspring met ‘n hoogte van 2.15m gewen het.

“Dit is wonderlik om hierdie item te wen, maar ek wou baie graag hoër gespring het,” het Fourie oomblikke nadat hy as kampioen gekroon is, gesê. Hy het ook titels op hoërskool- en nasionale juniorvlak gewen.

“Dit was my doel om die titel te wen, maar mens weet nooit wat gaan gebeur nie en dit was glad nie maklik nie. Ek wou ook minstens 2.20m gespring het, maar op die dag het dit net nie gebeur nie.”

Shaun de Jager het sy beste tyd van die seisoen gehardloop (45.90 sekondes) en die silwermedalje in die 400m gewen. Net die wêreldkampioen Wayde van Niekerk het hom geklop. Dit was ‘n fantastiese wedloop en De Jager het net-net stadiger as sy persoonlike beste tyd gehardloop. Hy moet ook nog ’n kwalifiserende tyd vir Rio behaal.

Jodie Sedras het haar eerste senior nasionale medalje gewen in die paalspring vir senior vroue toe sy ‘n hoogte van 3.50m behaal het om silwer te ontvang. Johan Kruger het brons in die hammergooi vir senior mans gewen.

In die gekombineerde items het Maties Atletiek drie goue medaljes gewen. Wynand du Toit is die nuwe junior tienkampkampioen terwyl Nienka du Toit die sewekamp vir junior vroue gewen het. Die jong Leandre Ketch het goud gewen in die vyfkamp vir meisies o.16.

De Jager jaag persoonlike beste by SA’s : 2016-03-22

Shaun de Jager. Photo: Pia Nänny

Shaun de Jager. Photo: Pia Nänny

Matie-atleet Shaun de Jager se afrigter Suzanne Ferreira glo hy sal die Olimpiese kwalifiserende tyd vir die 400m-wedloop by die komende Suid-Afrikaanse kampioenskapsbyeenkoms hardloop.

“Ons hoofdoel is dat Shaun moet kwalifiseer om aan die Olimpiese Spele in Rio deel te neem in die 400m individuele nommer. Dit beteken hy moet 45.5 sekondes hardloop. Tans is sy persoonlike beste 45.7,” het Ferreira vertel.

De Jager en Ferreira het in Augustus 2014 begin saamwerk na die skielike afsterwe van De Jager se vorige afrigter, Mario Smith. “Shaun was besig met die rehabilitasie-proses na ‘n heupoperasie en ons het die res van 2014 en 2015 meestal op sy rehabilitasie gefokus en om die grondslag vir 2016 te lê.”

Volgens Ferreira was dit De Jager se fokus op die uiteindelike doel wat haar dadelik beïndruk het. “ Elke keer as ons ‘n besluit moes maak of hy aan ‘n byeenkoms gaan deelneem of nie, was dit vir hom belangrik dat die byeenkoms hom moet help vir Rio 2016. As atleet is hy ‘n student van sy nommer. Hy analiseer sy wedlope en is gefokus om elke keer die spesifieke doelwit te behaal. Dit maak dit baie maklik om hom af te rig. Hy het baie maklik in die groep ingeskakel, en ek geniet sy stil tog sterk bydrae tot die groep.”

Ander atlete in Ferreira se groep sluit in Arnu Fourie, Fanie van der Merwe en Ilse Hayes.

Ferreira het verder gesê: “As deel van die rehabilitasie en voorkoming van beserings het ons redelik baie werk in die gymnasium ingesit, iets waaraan hy nie werklik gewoond was nie. Ek glo dit is wat hom ook gehelp het om sy 100m en 200m persoonlike beste tye te hardloop.”

Nou is die plan om dieselfde in die 400 te doen. Die SA byeenkoms is in Stellenbosch van 15-17 April.



De Jager pursues personal best at SA national champs

Matie athlete Shaun de Jager’s coach Suzanne Ferreira believes he will run the Olympic qualifying time in the 400m-race at the upcoming South African Championships.

“Our main goal is that Shaun should qualify to participate at the Olympics in Rio in the 400 individual number. This means he must run 45.5 seconds. Currently his personal best is 45.7,” said Ferreira.

De Jager and Ferreira began working together in August 2014 after the sudden death of his former coach Mario Smith. “Shaun was busy with the rehabilitation process after a hip operation and we used the rest of 2014 and 2015 to mostly focus on his rehabilitation and to lay the groundwork for 2016.”

For Ferreira De Jager’s focus on the ultimate goal is what immediately impressed her. “Every time we had to make a decision whether he should participate in an event or not, it was important to him that it should help with getting him to Rio 2016. As an athlete he is a student of his discipline. He analyses his races and is very focused every time to achieve the intended goal. This makes it very easy to coach him. He slotted in easily with the group, and I enjoy his quiet yet strong contribution to the group. ”

Other athletes in Ferreira’s group include Arnu Fourie, Fanie van der Merwe and Ilse Hayes.

Ferreira went on to say: “As part of the rehabilitation and prevention of injuries we worked quite a lot in the gym, something he wasn’t used to. I think that also helped him to run his 100m and 200m personal best times.”

Now the plan is to do the same in the 400m. The South African Championships is in in Stellenbosch from 15-17 April.

Exciting plan to revitalise middle-distance running at Maties : 2015-11-26


As part of a greater plan to revitalise middle distance running at Stellenbosch University, Maties Athletics Club recently hosted three incentivised middle-distance athletics competitions.

This formed part of a summer athletics series that will continue in 2016. The top middle-distance runners were acknowledged at a prize-giving function held this week.

Earlier this year, former dream miler and SA record holder Johan Fourie was appointed by Maties Sport to work closely with the club’s existing coaches and athletes, devising a preparation plan for the season.

“We want to push the athletes to achieve progressive targets through the season. A planned time target was established for each race and pace setters were instructed to carry the field through a portion of the race to encourage the achievement of the targets set for the night,” explained Fourie.

“The pattern of hosting short, one-hour middle distance competitions will continue from February to April 2016. The ongoing objective is to create a culture of team-work amongst the distance runners which will ultimately see their overall levels of performance improving.”

The strategy bore fruit, with the top runners clocking the following times: Thineke Fourie – 4:28.68 in the 1500m (987 IAAF points); Alvin Dirkse – 1:53.29 in the 800m (938 IAAF points); Shaun de Jager – 1:53.45 in the 800m (933 IAAF points); and Llewellyn Groeneveld – 3:53.61 in the 1500m (931 IAAF points). Dirkse received a special prize for scoring the most IAAF points – a total of 3493 – over four events.

Mohamed Ally, Senior Manager of the Maties Athletics Club believes that Fourie’s appointment to coordinate the re-vitalisation of middle distance running is a step in right direction.

“Johan certainly has a passion for the sport and brings valuable experience both as an athlete and a coach. Matie athletes will definitely benefit from the thinking of one of the most success middle distance runners in the history of South African athletics.”

Fourie’s appointment was preceded by a brief from Ms Ilhaam Groenewald, Chief Director: Maties Sport to Prof Liz Bressan, Director of the Centre for Human Performance Sciences (CHPS) and the Maties Athletics Club to collectively work at elevating the club to a successful position in athletics.

The proposed strategy included developing a high performance project that led to the appointment of four code coordinators to fast-track Maties Athletics’ performance and improve the club’s results in university competitions.

The high performance project is led by Sean Surmon of the CHPS. Surmon and the four code coordinators have formed a panel that has produced a strategy to take the athletics club forward. These coordinators include Mohamed Ally (sprints, hurdles & relays), Jean Paul van As (jumps), Karin le Roux (throws) and Johan Fourie (middle and distance events).

Dr Suzanne Ferreira joins the panel in an advisory capacity with special responsibilities for the inclusion of Paralympic athletes in the project.

Surmon is very excited about the process of restoring Maties Athletics to its former glory. “We have the talent, the expertise, the venue and the history. The energy amongst the athletics coordinators is amazing. We are on the right track.”

The top 10 athletes in the series were: 1. Thineke Fourie (987 IAAF points, 1500m); 2. Alvin Dirkse (938, 800m); 3. Shaun de Jager (933, 800m); 4. Llewellyn Groeneveld (931, 1500m); 5. Pierre Malherbe (913, 3000m); Paul Roux (913, 800m); 7. Zaid Williams (903, 800m); 8. Casper Labuschagne (895, 1500m); 9. Anrune Liebenberg (858, 800m); 10. Jannie Briers-Louw (811, 800m).



Opwindende plan om nuwe lewe te blaas in middelafstandhardloop by Maties

As deel van ‘n groter plan om middelafstande by die Universiteit Stellenbosch ‘n hupstoot te gee, het Maties Atletiekklub onlangs drie middelafstand-atletiekkompetisies aangebied.

Dit het deel uitgemaak van ‘n someratletiekreeks wat in 2016 sal voortgaan. Die top-middelafstandhardlopers het hierdie week by ‘n prysuitdelingfunksie erkenning gekry.

Vroeër vanjaar is die voormalige droommylatleet en SA rekordhouer, Johan Fourie, by Maties Sport aangestel om nou saam met die klub se afrigters en atlete te werk om ‘n voorbereidingsplan vir die seisoen op te stel.

“Ons wil die atlete druk om progressiewe teikens deur die loop van die seisoen te behaal.  ‘n Beplande tydteiken is vir elke wedloop bepaal en pasaangeërs het instruksies ontvang om die veld deur ‘n deel van die wedloop te dra om die bereiking van die teikens wat vir die aand gestel is, aan te moedig,” verduidelik Fourie.

“Die patroon om kort, een uur lange middelafstandkompetisies te hou, sal van Februarie tot April 2016 voortgaan. Die deurlopende doelwit is om ‘n kultuur van spanwerk onder die middelafstandhardlopers te vestig wat uiteindelik hul algehele prestasievlakke sal verbeter.”

Die strategie het vrugte afgewerp met topatlete wat die volgende tye behaal het: Thineke Fourie – 4:28.68 in die 1500m (987 IAAF-punte); Alvin Dirkse – 1:53.29 in die 800m (938 IAAF-punte); Shaun de Jager – 1:53.45 in die 800m (933-IAAF punte); en Llewellyn Groeneveld – 3:53.61 in die 1500m (931 IAAF-points). Dirkse het ‘n spesiale prys ontvang vir die meeste IAAF-punte – ‘n totaal van 3493 – oor al die byeenkomste behaal.

Mohamed Ally, senior bestuurder van die Maties Atletiekklub, glo Fourie se aanstelling om nuwe lewe in middelafstandhardloop te blaas, is ‘n stap in die regte rigting.

“Johan het vir seker ‘n passie vir die sport en bring waardevolle ondervinding as atleet én as afrigter. Matie-atlete sal ongetwyfeld voordeel trek uit die denke van een van die mees suksesvolle middelafstandatlete in die geskiedenis van Suid-Afrikaanse atletiek.”

Fourie se aanstelling is voorafgegaan deur ‘n opdrag deur me Ilhaam Groenewald, hoofdirekteur: Maties Sport aan prof Liz Bressan, direkteur van die Sentrum vir Menslike Prestasiewetenskappe (SMPW) en die Maties Atletiekklub om saam te werk om die klub sodanig te verbeter dat dit sy regmatige plek in atletiek kan inneem.

Die voorgestelde strategie wat die ontwikkeling van ‘n hoëprestasieprojek insluit, het gelei tot die aanstelling van vier kode-koördineerders om Maties Atletiek se prestasie ‘n hupstoot te gee en die klub se uitslae in universiteitskompetisies te verbeter.

Die hoëprestasieprojek, met Sean Surmon van die SMPW aan die spits en die vier kode-koördineerders, het ‘n paneel gevorm om ‘n strategie op te stel wat die atletiekklub vorentoe sal neem. Hierdie koördineerders sluit in Mohamed Ally (naellope, hekkies en aflosse), Jean Paul van As (spronge), Karin le Roux (gooie) en Johan Fourie (middelafstande).

Dr Suzanne Ferreira sluit by die paneel in ‘n raadgewende kapasiteit aan met spesiale verantwoordelikhede vir die insluiting van Paralimpiese atlete by die projek.

Surmon is baie opgewonde oor die proses om Maties Atletiek in sy eertydse glorie te herstel. “Ons het die talent, die kundigheid, die venue en die geskiedenis. Die energie onder die atletiekkoördineerders is ongelooflik. Ons is op die regte pad.”

Die top10-atlete van die reeks was: 1. Thineke Fourie (987 IAAF-punte, 1500m); 2. Alvin Dirkse (938, 800m); 3. Shaun de Jager (933, 800m); 4. Llewellyn Groeneveld (931, 1500m); 5. Pierre Malherbe (913, 3000m); Paul Roux (913, 800m); 7. Zaid Williams (903, 800m); 8. Casper Labuschagne (895, 1500m); 9. Anrune Liebenberg (858, 800m); 10. Jannie Briers-Louw (811, 800m).


MHP: Women in Coaching – Suzanne Ferreira : 2015-07-29


At Maties Sport there are a number women in coaching positions. One of the most successful athletics coaches in South Africa is Maties’ Suzanne Ferreira.

Ferreira has accompanied the South African team to various international sports competitions including three Paralympic Games (Athens, Beijing, London). Her athletes include Paralympians Arnu Fourie, Ilse Hayes, Fanie van der Merwe and Charl du Toit to name but a few – all of them world-class performers on the world stage.

What do you enjoy most about coaching? 

“Developing a human being. Interacting with the individual, buying into dreams, guiding decision making, developing opportunities, strategy and connecting the dots; problem solving and then most probably the cherry on the cake is observing the athletes unleashing their potential (in various capacities) and just to see them grow. I am also energised by experiencing the passion from various individuals working as a team towards this common goal.”

What are your coaching qualifications? 

“Sport Science degree (pre and post graduate) and provincial level-two coaching certificate in track and field.”

Why do you think there are not many women in professional coaching? 

“Coaching is not really a paid job in South Africa where you can earn a fixed income that will support you (in some sports there are limited opportunities but they are mostly in male-dominant sports such as rugby, soccer, cricket, golf). If you have a family and you need to provide income, it is not really sustainable. Balancing life becomes difficult, but I assume this applies to both genders.”

Why would you encourage women to get more involved? 

“I think female coaches can have a different angle to coaching, a more person-orientated rather than outcome-orientated angle. As females we are ‘allowed’ to be more in touch with our feelings and empathy towards the athlete that can create a different environment. I therefore would definitely encourage females to get involve to bring a different angle to coaching and creating, together with all other entities, a more holistic approach. Everyone in life has something unique they can add, and as a woman I definitely believe we can enhance a coaching environment. If you are passionate about human development in a sporting context you can add to the beauty.”

What are some of your career highlights?

“Sharing the moments with each individual athlete where they were able to shine as individuals. These moments are culminating moments of sweat, tears, determination, decision-making, overcoming adversity and then to bring this together in that moment. These moments vary from small moments where a difficult skill is mastered or a hard decision needs to be made, to a gold medal or just holding someone that is in tears because a dream was shattered. That’s inspiring, it creates empowerment and it is an act of believing. So highlights for me are about ‘soul’ moments and that I carry with me and it inspires me.”


Daar is ‘n paar vroue in afrigtingposisies by Maties. Een van die suksesvolste atletiekafrigters in Suid-Afrika is Maties se Suzanne Ferreira.

Ferreira het die Suid-Afrikaanse span na verskeie internasionale sportkompetisies, waaronder die Paralimpiese Spele in Athene, Beijing en Londen, vergesel. Haar atlete sluit in Paralimpiese atlete Arnu Fourie, Ilse Hayes, Fanie van der Merwe en Charl du Toit, om maar ‘n paar te noem.

Wat geniet jy die meeste van afrigting? 

“Om ‘n menslike wese te ontwikkel. Wisselwerking met die individu, om by drome in te koop, om besluitneming te rig, geleenthede te ontwikkel, strategie en om die kolletjies te verbind; dan ook probleemoplossing en waarskynlik die kersie op die koek, om te sien hoe atlete hul potensiaal loslaat (in verskeie kapasiteite) en net om hulle te sien groei. Dit is ook vir my besielend om die passie te ervaar wanneer individuele spelers as ‘n span saamwerk om ‘n gemeenskaplike doel te bereik.”

Wat is jou kwalifikasies vir afrigting? 

“’n Graad in Sportwetenskap (voor- en nagraads) en ‘n provinsiale vlak-twee afrigtingsertifikaat in baan en veld.”

Hoekom dink jy is daar nie soveel vroue by professionele afrigting betrokke nie? 

“In Suid-Afrika is afrigting nie werklik ‘n betaalde werk waar jy ‘n vaste inkomste kan verdien om jou te onderhou nie. In party sportsoorte is daar beperkte geleenthede, maar dit is hoofsaaklik sportsoorte wat deur mans domineer word soos rugby, sokker, krieket en gholf. As jy ‘n gesin het en jy moet die pot aan die kook hou, is dit nie regtig volhoubaar nie. Dit word moeilik om jou lewe te balanseer, maar ek aanvaar dit geld vir albei geslagte.”

Hoekom sou jy vroue aanmoedig om meer betrokke te raak? 

“Ek dink vroulike afrigters kan ‘n ander invalshoek na afrigting bring – ‘n meer persoon-georiënteerde eerder as ‘n uitkoms-georiënteerde benadering. As vroue word ons “toegelaat” om meer in voeling te bly met ons gevoelens en om empatie teenoor die atleet te wys, wat ‘n ander soort omgewing kan skep. Daarom sal ek definitief vroue aanmoedig om betrokke te raak en ‘n ander invalshoek na afrigting te bring – saam met al die ander entiteite dus ‘n meer holistiese benadering. Elkeen het iets uniek wat hulle kan toevoeg, en as ‘n vrou is ek oortuig ons kan die afrigtingomgewing verbeter. As jy passievol is oor die ontwikkeling van die mens in sportkonteks, kan jy bydra tot die skoonheid daarvan.”

Wat is sommige van die hoogtepunte in jou loopbaan? 

“Om saam met elke individuele atleet die oomblikke te deel waar hy/sy as individu kon uitblink. Hierdie oomblikke is die oomblikke waarin sweet, trane, vasberadenheid, besluitneming, oorwinning oor terugslae, alles in daardie een moment vasgevang word. Hierdie oomblikke wissel van kort oomblikke waar ‘n vaardigheid bemeester word, ‘n moeilike besluit geneem moet word, tot ‘n goue medalje of om iemand vas te hou wie se drome aan skerwe lê. Dít is inspirerend, dit skep bemagtiging en dit is ‘n daad van geloof. So, hoogtepunte vir my gaan oor “sielsoomblikke” en hulle dra ek saam met my en dít inspireer my.”


Maties HP Athlete/Player Profile: Justine Palframan : 2015-06-10

Justine Palframan

Justine Palframan

April was a good month for Stellenbosch University (SU) student and athlete Justine Palframan.

Not only was she crowned champion in both the 200m and 400m at the national track and field championships but a week later she also set her personal best times in both of these events (22.96s and 51.75s) – and this in front of her home crowd at the USSA event hosted at Coetzenburg in Stellenbosch.

These times qualify her for the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Beijing, China later this year and are also Boland provincial records.

At just 21 Justine Palframan is already a seasoned athlete with some very impressive sporting credentials. For example: She has competed in two IAAF World Junior championships, one World Youth Championships, one World Student Games, the 2013 IAAF World Senior Championships and the African Senior Championships.

As soon as she has completed her mid-year exams she will travel to Morocco for the IAAF World Athletics Challenge and from there go to Italy to run in Europe. She will also compete in the World Student Games in Korea.

Justine grew up in the rural hamlet of Eshowe in KwaZulu-Natal where she excelled in both swimming and athletics. She comes from an athletic family. Her parents Steve and Trevlyn Palframan met on the track and both represented their province in sprinting. Her siblings Katelyn and David also both earned provincial colours for swimming and athletics.

Her father was her first coach and she trained on her school Eshowe High’s hockey field.

In her speech as guest of honour at the Boland Schools Sports Awards function in

November 2014 she mentioned that someone once told her parents that no top sportsman will come out of a small town like Eshowe because they don’t have the facilities. Justine is proof that this is not true. Her advice to the young sport stars was: “Don’t let people squash your dreams… you may not have the best of the best with regards to facilities, however, it comes from within yourself to really want to get there.”

She pays tribute to her family for being willing to put in the effort with her.

In January 2013 Justine enrolled for a BSc (Sports Science) degree at SU where she trains with her coach Mohamed Ally from Maties Athletics. She has known him since she was in primary school and he was one of the main reasons for her move to the Western Cape.

Justine’s dream is to represent South Africa at the Olympic Games. This year she has posted times that would qualify her for the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, but her main focus is on 2020.

“Many of the top sprinters are in their late twenties and their experience counts in their favour,” she says. She admits that balancing studies and sport is not easy, especially when you want to do well in both.

“There is a time for studying and a time for training,” she adds. She is currently in her third year and has split her modules over two years to manage her academic load.

Balance, hard work and a willingness to ‘put in the effort’ is her advice for success.

It’s not easy, but up until now Justine doesn’t regret any sacrifices that she has had to make.

“It’s worth it,” she says.

Matie-athletes dominate Boland team for SA Champs : 2015-04-21

Justine Palframan

Justine Palframan

Maties athletes dominate the Boland team chosen for the South African Senior Track and Field Championships on 17 and 18 April at Coetzenburg.

Some 67% of the Boland team consists of Maties. A total of 37 athletes were selected to represent Boland Athletics at the 2015 ASA Senior Track and Field Championships.

At the 2015 ASA Senior Track and Field Championships and Combined Events Championships the athletes will: have the opportunity to be crowned as the 2015 National Champion in their respective events; attempt to qualify for the National Team to the 2015 CAA Southern Region Track and Field Championships from 13-14 June 2015 in Mauritius; attempt to qualify for the National Team to the 15th IAAF World Senior Championships in Beijing, China from 22-30 August 2015 and attempt to qualify for the National Team to the 11th African Games in Brazzaville, Congo from 3-19 September 2015.

Maties in the Boland team for SA Championships: Cheyne Rohme (Pole Vault); Damian Boshoff (High Jump); Johan Kruger (Hammer); Juan de Swardt (Pole Vault); Keegan Fourie (High Jump); Kwezi Mtoba (Triple Jump); Luvo Nkewu (High Jump); Marcel Maree (High Jump); Victor Hogan (Discus); Giovanni Mathews (High Jump); Ebeth Marais (10 000m); Illse Hayes (100m); Jean-Mare Senekal (100 and 400 Hurdles); Jodie Sedras (Pole Vault); Justine Palframan (100, 200, 400); Kaitlyn Sparks (Pole Vault); Karla Bronn (High Jump); Luca Hartman (100); Robyn Haupt (200); Samantha Pretorius (100, Long Jump); Thineke Fourie (800, 1500); Christy Nell (Pole Vault); Chane Coetzee (Discus); Nienka du Toit (Heptathlon); Helene Pens (Heptathlon).