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USSA titles for Maties rugby and cycling : 2017-07-17

On Wednesday the Maties cycling team won the USSA title for a third consecutive year after total domination on the road.

This follows the success of the Steinhoff Maties rugby team that finally won the USSA title with its fourth final. The tournament took place in Johannesburg.

In Port Elizabeth the Maties men and women’s team won the road competition. Gert Heyns and Frances du Toit were the individual winners. Riders from Maties won every stage. Max Sullivan won the green jersey as best sprinter en Heyns the polka-dot jersey for best climber.

The Maties rugby team beat Pukke 19-13 in the final played at the Wits stadium. Braam Venter and his team started the week with a victory over CUT (84-7) and easily dispatched Shimlas (50-7) in the semi-final.

It was a thriller of a final against the team from Potchefstroom that eliminated the home university Wits in the semi-finals.

“I am very pleased and relieved that we could win the final. We have come close to winning other for the last few years. To win the title means a lot to us. We can now build on this for the rest of the WP league and what we’ve learned here we can even use in next year’s Varsity Cup tournament,” said Venter.

Maties is now the USSA champions for both 15man and Sevens rugby. Venter was also the captain of the sevens team that won the last USSA tournament for sevens. The USSA Sevens Rugby Tournament is in September this year.

The rugby team is the only team to win a title last week. The Maties cycling team is currently in Port Elizabeth where the team is the two-time defending champion.

The Maties gymnastics team won the team competition and ended second overall to Pukke. The badminton and tennis teams were both third.

Other USSA results: Gymnastics – 2nd – won the team event; Badminton – 3rd; Tennis – 3rd /B team 2nd B Division; Netball – 5th; Hockey – 5th; Soccer – 5th B Division; Squash – 5th; Golf – 6th / B team won B Division; Basketball – Women 8th / Men 14th

USSA-titels vir Maties rugby en fietsry : 2017-07-17

Die Maties-fietsryspan het Woensdag vir die derde agtereenvolgende jaar die USSA-titel gewen na totale oorheersing op die teerpad.

Dit volg op die sukses van die Steinhoff Maties-rugbyspan wat met sy vierde eindstryd die laaste paar jare verlede week in Johannesburg uiteindelik die 2017 USSA-titel verower het.

In Port Elizabeth het die mans- en vroue-fietsryspan die padkompetisie gewen. Gert Heyns en Frances du Toit was in die algehele eerste plek. Maties se ryers het elke skof gewen. Max Sullivan het die groentrui vir beste naelryer gewen en Heyns was die beste klimmer in die toer.

Maties-rugbyspan het Pukke in die eindstryd in die Wits-stadion met 19-13 geklop. Braam Venter en sy span het die week begin met ‘n sege oor CUT met 84-7 en in die halfeindstryd maklik met Shimlas (50-7) afgereken.

Dit was ‘n riller van ‘n eindstryd teen die span van Potchefstroom wat die tuis-universiteit Wits in die halfeindronde uitgeskakel het. Maties was die heeltyd voor in die wedstryd.

“Ek is baie bly en verlig dat ons die eindstryd kon wen. Ons het die laaste paar jaar elke keer naby gekom. Om die titel te wen beteken vir ons baie. Ons kan nou hierop bou vir die res van die WP-liga en wat ons hier geleer het selfs gebruik in volgende jaar se Varsitybeker-toernooi,” het Venter gesê.

Maties is nou die USSA-kampioene vir 15man- en sewesrugby. Venter was ook die kaptein van die sewespan wat die laaste USSA-toernooi vir sewes gewen het. Die USSA-sewesrugbytoernooi is in September vanjaar.

Die rugbyspan is die enigste span wat ‘n titel gewen het verlede week. Die Maties-fietsryspan is tans in Port Elizabeth waar die die span die tweemalige verdedigende kampioen is.

Die Maties-gimnastiekspan het die span kompetisie gewen en algeheel tweede na Pukke geëindig. Die pluimbal- en tennis-span was albei derde.

Ander USSA-uitslae: Gimnastiek 2de; Pluimbal 3de; Tennis 3de; Netbal 5de; Hokkie 5de; Muurbal 5de; Sokker 5de; Golf 6de; Basketbal (vroue) 8ste; Basketbal (mans) 14de.


Successful debut at USSA for Maties Basketball : 2016-07-13

The Maties Basketball men’s team not only finished sixth overall in its debut USSA tournament, but also managed to qualify for the Varsity Sports Basketball tournament.

Coach Zarko Krkeljas described the tournament as a rewarding learning experience for both players and coaches.

“On the one hand it was exactly what we expected: tough games, played by tough opponents that challenged us physically and mentally. But the fact that we responded in the way we did made it easier to keep on fighting.”

The main goal for Maties was to qualify for the Varsity Sports tournament and for that they needed to finish in the top 8. There were 16 teams.

“We exceeded the expectations by far, no doubt. While we certainly did not know what to expect, we did know that we were as ready as we could be. We knew that the performance in the first game would dictate the rest of the tournament, and that was exactly what happened. After beating DUT, the momentum carried us against Pukke, and two wins on the first day set the bar for the rest of the week.”

DUT was a finalist last year.

Maties’ Ryan Jayne was included in the team of the tournament to add some more sparkle to what was already shining week of basketball for Maties. Other teams and coaches recognised Maties’ efforts throughout the tournament with a standing ovation at a gala dinner.

“Getting that kind of recognition made me even prouder of my players, for the effort and heart they showed during the entire tournament.”


Suksesvolle debuut by USSA vir Maties Basketbal

Maties Basketbal se mansspan het nie net algeheel sesde gekom in sy eerste USSA-toernooi nie, maar het in die proses ook gekwalifiseer vir die Varsity Sports-basketbaltoernooi.

Die span se afrigter, Zarko Krkeljas, het die toernooi as ’n wonderlike leerervaring vir spelers én afrigters beskryf.

“Aan die een kant was dit presies wat ons verwag het: taai wedstryde teen moeilike teenstanders was ons fisiek en geestelik getoets het. Maar die manier waarop ons gereageer het, het dit makliker gemaak om aan te hou baklei vir elke punt.”

Maties se hoofdoel was om vir die Varsity Sports-toernooi te kwalifiseer en daarvoor moes hulle die topagt haal. Altesaam 16 spanne het deelgeneem.

“Ons het sonder twyfel alle verwagtinge oortref. Ons het geweet dat ons vertoning in die eerste wedstryd die verloop van die res van die toernooi sou dikteer en dit is presies wat gebeur het. Die momentum van die sege oor DUT het ons gedra in die stryd teen Pukke en om twee oorwinnings op dag een te kon behaal, het die standaard vir die res van die week gestel.”

DUT was verlede jaar ’n finalis in die kompetisie.

Maties se Ryan Jayne is ingesluit in die span van die toernooi. Ander spanne en afrigters het erkenning aan Maties gegee deur hulle staande toe te juig by die prysuitdeling.

“Ek het dit glad nie verwag nie en ek glo dit het elke speler ongelooflik trots laat voel,” het Krkeljas gesê.


Maties Basketball ready to make history : 2016-07-03

Maties Basketball Men’s coach Zarko Krkeljas speaks to Maties HP about Maties Basketball’s debut at USSA.

What are the expectations for USSA?

“A lot of sweat and fun; when we received our game schedule, we saw that both teams, men and women, were seated in the groups with the teams that were last year finalists, or finished in the Top 8. So from the start we know we are underdogs, and we know that it will a hard battle, especially during the first day where we play two games.

“While most our Maties teams have the experience of being at USSA tournaments, this is something new for us, and playing several games in few days is definitely a new challenge for us. That is why we are training hard in the gym and on the basketball court in order to prepare for any challenges that we might face.

“We will also have help of our High Performance programme that will look out after our players, which will certainly boost our chances. But, even though there is a tough road ahead of us, we are enjoying every moment of this process, and are looking forward to competing in Johannesburg, where we will make every effort to finish in the Top 8.”

How important is the USSA tournament for Maties?

“This experience for the club is enormous as it gives us an opportunity to play with the best teams in the country. This will also offer a new perspective for each player to reflect on their hard work, and what they have accomplished as a result, but also how much more they have left to go.

“Relative to our goals, we have already accomplished our primary goal for the season – qualifying for USSA. Now, players have also set the team goal for USSA, and that is to make the Top 8, which qualifies us for Varsity competition.

Are the players using the making history factor for motivation or don’t you think too much about it?

“During this tough preparation period of studying for the exams, and fully committing to training, players do need some motivation to keep them going, and I am sure that they are using the momentum from the USSA qualifiers, and the prospect of competing with the best teams in the country, to push them through. However, they are also aware of the tough road ahead, and the fact that we are competing against the 15 best teams in the country. That’s why Coach Aggrey and I are very proud of how players are handling this period.”

Maties Basketball wants to make history : 2016-05-04


Under new coach Zarko Krkeljas and as a new High Performance sport, the Maties Basketball Club has history on its mind.

The club is made up of three teams: the Men’s A team, which consists of players with established basketball skills; the Men’s B team, which is a developmental and recreational team for students who want to play basketball recreationally or are interested in learning to play; and the Women’s team, which welcomes both established and new players.

“Because it is a popular sport around the world, our basketball club consists of local and international players and is an excellent indicator of diversity in Maties Sport. To raise awareness of basketball locally, we are planning to add developmental programs for local youth as well as a residence league which will bring basketball to our student body and hopefully help raise basketball to new heights,” said Krkeljas.

“As a club, we were continually competing against universities with well-established basketball programs, such as UCT and CPUT. As a newly established club team we were always considered underdogs. Even though our club was able to offer respectable performances in the local league in the past, we were not able to qualify for University Sports South Africa (USSA) competitions, which is one of our primary goals, along with becoming a Varsity Sports team.”

Krkeljas was appointed Maties’ coach in April this year.

“I have been playing basketball my whole life, and have been involved as a coach or a trainer for the past 6-7 years – in the US, South Korea and now South Africa. I started volunteering at Maties last year in June when I first arrived at Stellenbosch University as a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Sport Science. At that time my role was to coach and assist with the men’s teams as there was only one coach. As a result of basketball achieving HP status and our newly set goals of becoming a Varsity Sports team, I was officially appointed as head coach.”

Being part of the HP programme will take the sport and players to a new level, Krkeljas believes.

“As a sport scientist and coach I believe that the HP programme is a well thought out and complete support system for individual athletes and a team as a whole. Individual potential or talent play a significant role in becoming a good athlete, but to create the best student-athlete we need to create a support system starting with coaches, trainers, sport scientists, and educators. Maties Sport has created this system and now that we as a basketball team have access to its services, I strongly believe that it will significantly contribute to my players successfully transitioning from club players to student-athletes.

“Considering the previous game performances, I think that HP support will demonstrate the potential these players have and the potential of the basketball program that we are creating. I am confident this transition will yield significant results in our performance, and contribute to the overall goal of Maties Sport of having one of the top sport programmes in the country.”

All HP sports have been set the overall goal of being a top 3 club in the country.

“In order to achieve this, our immediate goal is to qualify for the USSA tournament. Once there, finishing in the top 8 will make us a Varsity Sports team. This is our overall goal to achieve within the next two years. Although I was appointed midway into the qualifying tournament and after two defeats, we were able to win our next two games with an upset again UWC, which puts us into the semi-finals of the qualifying tournament. Winning our next game would, against all odds, qualify us for the USSA tournament for the first time in Maties’ history.”

This important match takes place on Friday 6 May.



Maties Basketbal wil geskiedenis maak

Met nuwe afrigter Zarko Krkeljas aan die stuur en as ‘n nuwe hoëprestasiesport wil Maties se basketbalklub geskiedenis maak.

Die basketbalklub het drie spanne: die Mans A-span, wat bestaan uit spelers met reeds gevestigde basketbalvaardighede; die Mans B-span, ‘n ontwikkeling- en ontspanningsgedrewe span vir alle studente wat basketbal wil speel of leer speel, al is dit net vir pret; en die Vroue-span wat sowel gevestigde as nuwe spelers verwelkom.

“Basketbal is wêreldwyd ‘n gewilde sport en daarom bestaan die klub uit plaaslike en internasionale spelers. Dit is ook ‘n uitstekende aanduiding van diversiteit in Maties Sport. Om die bewustheid van basketbal plaaslik aan te wakker, beplan ons om ontwikkelingsprogramme vir die plaaslike jeug sowel as ’n koshuisliga op die been te bring. Hopelik help dit basketbal om nuwe hoogtes as deel van Maties Sport te bereik,” het Krkeljas gesê.

“As klub ding ons voortdurend mee teen universiteite met gevestigde basketbalprogramme, soos die Universiteit van Kaapstad en KPUT. As ‘n nuwe klubspan word ons altyd as buiteperde beskou. Hoewel ons klub in die verlede aanvaarbare vertonings in die plaaslike liga gelewer het, het ons nooit daarin geslaag om vir die Universiteitesport Suid-Afrika (USSA)-toernooi te kwalifiseer nie. Dit is een van ons primêre doelwitte.”

Krkeljas is in April vanjaar as Maties se afrigter aangestel. “Ek speel al my lewe lank basketbal en was die afgelope ses tot sewe jaar as afrigter betrokke in die VSA, Suid-Korea en nou Suid-Afrika. By Maties het ek verlede jaar in Junie as ‘n vrywilliger begin toe ek na die Universiteit Stellenbosch gekom het as ’n nadoktorale navorsingsgenoot in die Departement Sportwetenskap. Met basketbal wat HP-status verwerf het, is daar ’n nuwe stel verwagtinge en doelwitte en daarom is ek permanent aangestel.”

Om deel van die HP-program te wees, sal die sport en spelers na ‘n nuwe vlak neem, glo Krkeljas.

“As ’n sportwetenskaplike en afrigter glo ek dat die HP-program ‘n goed deurdagte en volledige ondersteuningstelsel vir individuele atlete en ’n span as ’n geheel bied. Individuele potensiaal of talent speel ’n belangrike rol om ’n goeie atleet te wees, maar om die studentatleet verder te ontwikkel, is dit nodig om ’n ondersteuningstelsel met afrigters, sportwetenskaplikes en opvoeders te skep. Maties Sport het die raamwerk geskep en nou dat ons as ’n basketbalspan toegang tot die dienste het, glo ek dit sal aansienlik tot my spelers se sukses bydra.

“Ek dink dat HP-ondersteuning die spelers en basketbalprogram se potensiaal sal demonstreer. Ek is vol vertroue dat die oorgang beduidende resultate ten opsigte van ons prestasie sal lewer en sal bydra tot die algehele doelwit van Maties Sport om een van die voorste sportprogramme in die land aan te bied.”

Alle HP-sporte se oorhoofse doelwit is om ’n top3-klub in die land te wees.

“Ten einde dit te bereik, is ons onmiddellike doel om te kwalifiseer vir die USSA-toernooi. As ’n span na afloop van die toernooi onder die top8-spanne is, kwalifiseer hy vir Varsity Sport. Dit is die hoofdoel wat ons binne die volgende twee jaar wil bereik. Ofskoon ek eers halfpad in die kwalifiserende toernooi en ná twee nederlae aangestel is, was ons steeds in staat om ons volgende twee wedstryde te wen. As ons die volgende wedstryd wen, sal ons teen alle verwagtinge – vir die eerste keer in die geskiedenis van Maties Basketbal – kwalifiseer vir die USSA-toernooi.”

Hierdie belangrike wedstryd vind Vrydag 6 Mei plaas.