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USSA titles for Maties rugby and cycling : 2017-07-17

On Wednesday the Maties cycling team won the USSA title for a third consecutive year after total domination on the road.

This follows the success of the Steinhoff Maties rugby team that finally won the USSA title with its fourth final. The tournament took place in Johannesburg.

In Port Elizabeth the Maties men and women’s team won the road competition. Gert Heyns and Frances du Toit were the individual winners. Riders from Maties won every stage. Max Sullivan won the green jersey as best sprinter en Heyns the polka-dot jersey for best climber.

The Maties rugby team beat Pukke 19-13 in the final played at the Wits stadium. Braam Venter and his team started the week with a victory over CUT (84-7) and easily dispatched Shimlas (50-7) in the semi-final.

It was a thriller of a final against the team from Potchefstroom that eliminated the home university Wits in the semi-finals.

“I am very pleased and relieved that we could win the final. We have come close to winning other for the last few years. To win the title means a lot to us. We can now build on this for the rest of the WP league and what we’ve learned here we can even use in next year’s Varsity Cup tournament,” said Venter.

Maties is now the USSA champions for both 15man and Sevens rugby. Venter was also the captain of the sevens team that won the last USSA tournament for sevens. The USSA Sevens Rugby Tournament is in September this year.

The rugby team is the only team to win a title last week. The Maties cycling team is currently in Port Elizabeth where the team is the two-time defending champion.

The Maties gymnastics team won the team competition and ended second overall to Pukke. The badminton and tennis teams were both third.

Other USSA results: Gymnastics – 2nd – won the team event; Badminton – 3rd; Tennis – 3rd /B team 2nd B Division; Netball – 5th; Hockey – 5th; Soccer – 5th B Division; Squash – 5th; Golf – 6th / B team won B Division; Basketball – Women 8th / Men 14th

USSA-titels vir Maties rugby en fietsry : 2017-07-17

Die Maties-fietsryspan het Woensdag vir die derde agtereenvolgende jaar die USSA-titel gewen na totale oorheersing op die teerpad.

Dit volg op die sukses van die Steinhoff Maties-rugbyspan wat met sy vierde eindstryd die laaste paar jare verlede week in Johannesburg uiteindelik die 2017 USSA-titel verower het.

In Port Elizabeth het die mans- en vroue-fietsryspan die padkompetisie gewen. Gert Heyns en Frances du Toit was in die algehele eerste plek. Maties se ryers het elke skof gewen. Max Sullivan het die groentrui vir beste naelryer gewen en Heyns was die beste klimmer in die toer.

Maties-rugbyspan het Pukke in die eindstryd in die Wits-stadion met 19-13 geklop. Braam Venter en sy span het die week begin met ‘n sege oor CUT met 84-7 en in die halfeindstryd maklik met Shimlas (50-7) afgereken.

Dit was ‘n riller van ‘n eindstryd teen die span van Potchefstroom wat die tuis-universiteit Wits in die halfeindronde uitgeskakel het. Maties was die heeltyd voor in die wedstryd.

“Ek is baie bly en verlig dat ons die eindstryd kon wen. Ons het die laaste paar jaar elke keer naby gekom. Om die titel te wen beteken vir ons baie. Ons kan nou hierop bou vir die res van die WP-liga en wat ons hier geleer het selfs gebruik in volgende jaar se Varsitybeker-toernooi,” het Venter gesê.

Maties is nou die USSA-kampioene vir 15man- en sewesrugby. Venter was ook die kaptein van die sewespan wat die laaste USSA-toernooi vir sewes gewen het. Die USSA-sewesrugbytoernooi is in September vanjaar.

Die rugbyspan is die enigste span wat ‘n titel gewen het verlede week. Die Maties-fietsryspan is tans in Port Elizabeth waar die die span die tweemalige verdedigende kampioen is.

Die Maties-gimnastiekspan het die span kompetisie gewen en algeheel tweede na Pukke geëindig. Die pluimbal- en tennis-span was albei derde.

Ander USSA-uitslae: Gimnastiek 2de; Pluimbal 3de; Tennis 3de; Netbal 5de; Hokkie 5de; Muurbal 5de; Sokker 5de; Golf 6de; Basketbal (vroue) 8ste; Basketbal (mans) 14de.


Luke continues the Schooling-legacy : 2016-10-31


Being a Matie is somewhat of a family tradition and one that Luke Schooling was more than happy to continue!

First year Matie Luke followed the example of dad Doug, mom Norma and sisters Meg and Kimmi to study at the Stellenbosch University. “I have always wanted to be a Matie. My mom played hockey for Maties and I always wanted to follow in her footsteps. And after watching Maties play in the Western Province Grand Challenge the past few seasons I just knew I had to wear that maroon shirt!”

Schooling is an LLB-student and resident of Simonsberg. “The year has been going really well and I definitely made the right call in what I study and being at Maties.”

The former SACS-pupil not only excelled in hockey, but also water polo. “It is like hockey a family passion with my dad and sisters also having played water polo. But I don’t have any regrets choosing hockey over water polo.”

Fans of Maties Hockey are just as happy that Schooling choose hockey. In the final match of the WPGC this year Schooling scored the winning goal. It was one of a handful of goals the youngster scored in a season, which you could see him grow with confidence and get better every game.

2016 FNB Varsity MEN'S Hockey, Round 4,  Monday 09 May 2016, UJ Hockey Field, Gertjie Lamprecht of NWU PUKKE in action with Luke Schooling of US MATIES during their varsity cup men clash on monday evening in Johannesburg Gauteng. Photo by: SASPA

2016 FNB Varsity MEN’S Hockey, Round 4, Monday 09 May 2016, UJ Hockey Field, Gertjie Lamprecht of NWU PUKKE in action with Luke Schooling of US MATIES during their varsity cup men clash on monday evening in Johannesburg Gauteng.
Photo by: SASPA

According to Schooling finding balance between hockey and studies is something of a trial and error process, but he did get a lot of help from those around him. “I get to feed of the players around me in the team and in my res there are various HP sportsman and seeing what they do helps. Having played hockey and water polo at school while focusing on studies as well prepared me a bit.”

Hockey is part of the Maties Sport High Performance Programme. “It was something I have never experienced before. At the beginning of the year I could see the senior guys adapting faster to the intensity. The HP programme helped my game immensely, especially the physical training sessions. The intensity of all our sessions is vital for the success of our hockey. Having someone like Revs (Paul Revington) around is very beneficial and it was phenomenal to experience.”

Schooling added: “The past 10 months have been incredible. Not a single regret. You can’t beat Stellenbosch…so glad to be here.”

2016 FNB Varsity MEN'S Hockey, Round 3,  Sunday 08 May 2016, UJ Hockey Field, Johannesburg Gauteng. MATIES v NMMU Dylan Swanepoel (c) of MATIES  Photo by: CATHERINE KOTZE/ SASPA

2016 FNB Varsity MEN’S Hockey, Round 3, Sunday 08 May 2016, UJ Hockey Field, Johannesburg Gauteng.
Dylan Swanepoel (c) of MATIES

Swanepoel en Glasby groot wenners by Steinhoff Maties Hokkie se Toekenningsaand : 2016-10-10


Dylan Swanepoel en Tarryn Glasby was die twee groot wenners by die jaarlikse Steinhoff Maties Hokkie-toekenningsaand.

Glasby is aangewys as Afrigter se Speler van die Jaar en die voorste doelskieter vir Maties Vroue. Sy het ook die Kotie Smuts-trofee as Vroue Klubspeler van die Jaar ontvang. Glasby het ‘n totaal van 25 doele aangeteken wat haar die voorste doelskieter van die klub in die algeheel gemaak en het haar die Jakie Wiese-trofee besorg. Glasby is deel van die Suid-Afrikaanse o.21-span wat later vanjaar aan die Wêrelbeker-toernooi gaan deelneem.

Swanepoel het ook met ‘n handvol toekennings weggestap. Die kaptein van die Maties Mans is as Mees Waardevolle Speler van die Jaar, Spelers se Speler van die Jaar en Afrigter se Speler van die Jaar aangewys. Hy het toe ook nog die Voorsittersbeker as Mansklubspeler van die Jaar ontvang. Dit was Swanepoel se laaste seisoen by Maties.

Ander toekennings vir die vroue het gegaan aan Heather McEwan – Mees Waardevolle Speler van die Jaar – en Quanita Bobbs is as Spelers se Speler van die Jaar aangewys. Natasha Rootenburg is die speler wat die meeste vordering gemaak het vir Maties Vroue en in die klub. Laasgenoemde beteken sy het die Rennie Rose-Innes-trofee ontvang.

Maties Mans se voorste doelskieter was James Drummond. Die doelskieter het ook die Jan Kelder-trofee gekry vir die meeste doele in die klub vir mans. Eerste jaar Tom Richardson is die speler van die meeste vordering gemaak het in die manspan. Doelwagter Rob McKinley het die JH Black-trofee ontvang vir die manspeler van die meester vordering gemaak het in die klub.

Maties Sport se jaarlikse Toekeningsaand is op 19 Oktober.


Swanepoel and Glasby big winners at Steinhoff Maties Hockey awards

Dylan Swanepoel and Tarryn Glasby were the two big winners at the annual Steinhoff Maties Hockey awards ceremony.

Glasby was named Coach’s Player of the Year and the leading goal scorer for Maties Women. She also received the Kotie Smuts Trophy for Women’s Club Player of the Year. Glasby scored a total of 25 goals making her the leading scorer of the club. She received the Jackie Wiese Trophy. Glasby is part of the South African u21 team that will compete in the World Cup tournament later this year.

Swanepoel also received a handful of awards. The captain of Maties Men was named Most Valuable Player, Players’ Player and Coach’s Player of the Year. He also received the President Cup as Men’s Club Player of the Year. It was Swanepoel’s last season at Maties.

Other awards for the women went to Heather McEwan – Most Valuable Player of the Year – and Quanita Bobbs was named Players’ Player of the Year. Natasha Rootenburg was the player who made the most progress for Maties Women and the club. The latter means she received the Rennie Rose-Innes Trophy.

Maties Men’s leading scorer was James Drummond. The striker also received the Jan Cellar Trophy for most goals in the club for men. First year Tom Richardson is the player who made the most progress in the men’s team. Goalkeeper Rob McKinley received the JH Black Trophy for men’s player who made the most progress in the club.

Maties Sport’s annual Awards evening is on 19 October.

Revs looks back on 2016 : 2016-09-08


Paul Revington is a prime example of the value of a High Performance Manager within a High Performance Programme. Revs joined Steinhoff Maties Hockey Club in 2015. Maties High Performance had quick Q&A with the hockey master to get his views of the past season.

How would you describe your second season as Steinhoff Maties Hockey’s high performance manager?

“It was very different to 2015 for so many reasons. Several coaches and administrators left Maties Hockey at the tail end of 2015 and our main focus was on replacing these people within our organization and creating a strong leadership environment for the students again at elite level. I then attended the Hockey India League (HIL) for 7 weeks in January/February and despite it being a wonderful event to be a part of, I found myself chasing the train a bit on return.

“As I mentioned already both Women’s and Men’s teams lost several key players and leaders. On top of this the South African Teams had not been allowed to go to the Rio Olympics and several players within the Maties squads had every reason to feel slightly demotivated without clear goals to follow personally. All in all it was a tough start to a season that ended well a few weeks ago!

“The primary goal for me in 2016 (again) was to connect with both head coaches of the first teams and ensure these two ‘flag ship’ teams of the University were functioning well despite various challenges. As the season progressed both head coaches and I were faced with additional athlete challenges but the strength of relationship between all three of us meant we were equipped to face them head on and with calm minds and creative solutions.”

What are some of the highlights of the season?

“The start of the league season for the Women’s team was just fantastic! The energy, speed and attacking ability of the team blew away the opposition initially. Training was high quality and in essence the athletes were motivated and drove the coaches on. The selection of several of the Maties Women into the Senior National and U21 Squad in January and February was no doubt responsible for a lot of this belief.

“The Men’s team performed very well in the ‘tournament type; environments – Varsity Sport, USSA and the Final Top 4 structure in the WPGC League. At the Varsity Hockey series the team won six games in a row playing some fast and enterprising hockey; at USSA and in the Top 4 format of the League they played with great intelligence and determination.

“Obviously winning both the Women and Men’s WPGC again (the men making history as they have now won 4 titles in a row) and then the men also winning USSA completed a very good year trophy wise for the elite teams of Maties Hockey Club.

“Another highlight was the successful implementation of Specialist Drag-Flick Training with Devin Stanton for identified Drag Flickers. This was extremely beneficial at USSA for the men and then in the Women’s Team where Quanita Bobbs got stronger and stronger as the season progressed and was a regular scorer.”

What aspects have you identified that must be worked on for next season?

“Our general recruitment between Women and Men’s teams needs to be better. We must be replacing ‘like-for-like’ players in both teams – that is in terms of skill, physical and especially in terms of character.

“In the Women’s team we said goodbye to some tough (streetwise) characters in 2015 and I was not convinced the team of 2016 was tough and streetwise enough to deal with all the demands that Maties Hockey placed on them.

“In the Men’s team the players showed that they had the potential for this toughness, but it had to be squeezed, shouted and coerced out of several players most of the time. This suggests a lack of internal drive and goal-orientation within most of these individuals. Although the Men’s team proved fitter than their local opposition, the class of 2016 lacked in several physical areas required to perform consistently at this level. Thankfully the team benefited with the inclusion of Nico Koutakis as a physical trainer and he will remedy this in the off-and-pre season training for 2017.

“Other areas to improve include: Operating from bigger squads (24) within both first teams for longer; Doing more physical testing throughout the calendar year on these squads; Using Grant Van Velden and his vision-based pitch training methods; Using our Mental Skills Specialist more consistently throughout the year; and Advancing how we use video to provide instant feedback during training.

There is also a need and desire to have stronger Vics teams – time will tell whether we can get both Vics’ teams inside the top 4 of the WPGC.”


How was it working with Jenny again this year?

“Jenny is an extremely motivated person and coach and this fact makes it a pleasure to work with her. Coupled with her drive she is also open-minded to change and has introduced several new areas again to the Maties Women’s team in 2016.

“These have resulted in the team retaining the League under extreme pressure from opposition coaches who were desperate to knock Maties off their perch. She is also brave and courageous to say it as it is and the players can be grateful knowing that she fights a good fight on their behalf!

“I have also benefitted personally in the sense that in 2015 and 2016 she always asked for my opinion; listened and changed her own beliefs and selections based on my viewpoint; but also been strong enough to reject an opinion and stick with her own belief on a particular topic. This has served as a great example of two HP coaches being strong enough to have their own opinions BUT also selfless and team oriented to know when to combine knowledge and come to the best solution that works for the team.

“I must also mention Karin Hugo as the team’s Physical Trainer and Manager, who plays a critical role in the general growth and management of the team and players. There is a very strong bond and connection between Jenny and Karin that is very good for Maties Hockey.”


Ashlin Freddy coached Maties for the first time in what was a very big season for Maties, how was it working with him and seeing him grow as coach?

“Ashlin is a seriously good player (defender) himself and a fantastic person off the pitch (calm and gentle) – making for the great coach and teacher he is becoming at a very young age. He has played in foreign leagues and therefore has an enlightened mind on hockey – making the initial connection between us even stronger.

“He and I worked out a playing style for Maties very early in the season and players got comfortable and settled very quickly within a potentially rough environment. It has been a pleasure working within a primarily defensively oriented coaching mindset and getting (SA) players to value defence before the flashy offensive skills and tricks. I can see why Neville Rothman and Ashlin are also such a strong coaching team at Paul Roos Gymnasium.

“Ashlin is also a flexible coach within a game and has the gift of being able to adopt a different approach in the middle of a game – a trait I have learned from during the season. As the season progressed and the variables became tougher (several key players left for overseas contracts and/or got injured) we faced the challenges together. We put in our best two League performances inside the Top 4 play-off phase right at the end of the season – the sign of a quality team and coach!

“I must also mention Nico Koutakis (Physical Trainer and Team Manager) who added immense value to our coaching team through his warm ups; gym training and calm yet passionate voice inside the locker room. We need Nico to attend more League games to get that consistency.”


History for Steinhoff Maties Men : 2016-08-30


For a second consecutive year, the Steinhoff Maties men’s hockey team rewrote the club’s history books.

With their victory Sunday in the Western Province League, Maties won the WP League for a fourth consecutive year. This is the first time in the club’s history that a team wins the league four years in a row. Last year it was the first time the club won a hat-trick of titles. As if it is not already enough, Maties Men for just the fifth time ever and for the first time since 2009 won the USSA and WP titles in one season. The other times were in 1979, 1980 and 1997.

It was a drama filled weekend with the league-deciding match between Maties and WPCC ending in a draw meaning that the teams had to play a final on Sunday to determine the winner of the league for 2016. The past few seasons these two clubs battle each other to the limit and drew each time. On Sunday, a goal with only a few minutes left by Luke Schooling ensured there is a result to the battle this time. It was not an easy day for Maties. A few minutes after the start of the game, the team lost its captain and stalwart Dylan Swanepoel and soon after Tom Richardson also left the astro with an injury.

Alex Stewart took over the captaincy and the youngsters showed they are ready for life after Swanepoel and other senior players like Shannon Boucher and Daniel Bell that played their last matches for Maties this season.

It was also about a baptism of fire season for new coach Ashlin Freddy, who coached the team to a place in the semi-finals of the Varsity Hockey series and the USSA and WP titles.

With the women also winning the WP title on Sunday, it was the ninth time that both Maties teams win the league in one season. The other years were 1979, 1997, 2007, 2009, 2013-2016.

Maties Men’s WP titles: 1904, 1907, 1923, 1928, 1979, 1980, 1985, 1997, 1998, 2007, 2009, 2013-2016.



Stukkie geskiedenis vir Steinhoff Maties Mans

Vir ‘n tweede agtereenvolgende jaar het die Steinhoff Maties Manshokkiespan die klub se rekordboeke herskryf.

Met hul sege Sondag in die Westelike Provinsie Liga, het Maties vir ‘n vierde agtereenvolgende jaar die WP-liga verower. Dit is die eerste keer in die klub se geskiedenis dat die klub vier jaar in ‘n ry die liga wen. Verlede jaar was dit die eerste keer dat die klub ‘n driekuns behaal het. Asof dit nie reeds lekker genoeg is nie, het Maties Mans vir net die vyfde keer ooit en die eerste keer sedert 2009 die USSA- en die WP-titel in een seisoen gewen. Die ander kere was in 1979, 1980 en 1997.

Dit was ‘n naweek gevul met drama nadat die laaste wedstryd in die liga tussen Maties en WPCC gelykop geëindig het, en die spanne Sondag ‘n eindstryd moes speel om die wenner van die liga vir 2016 te bepaal. Die afgelope paar seisoene het die twee klubs mekaar tot die uiterste toe gedruk en elke keer gelykop gespeel. Sondag het ‘n doel met net ‘n paar minute oor deur Luke Schooling seker gemaak daar is diè slag ‘n uitslag. Dit was nie ‘n maklike dag vir Maties nie. Enkele minute na die begin van die wedstryd het die span sy kaptein en staatmaker Dylan Swanepoel verloor en kort daarna is Tom Richardson ook van die astro met ‘n besering.

Alex Stewart het die kapteinskap oorgeneem en die jongelinge het gewys hulle is gereed vir die lewe na Swanepoel en van die ander senior spelers soos Shannon Boucher en Daniel Bell wat hul laaste wedstryde vir Maties die seisoen gespeel het.

Dit was ook omtrent ‘n vuurdoop-seisoen vir nuwe afrigter Ashlin Freddy, wat die span gebrei het tot ‘n plek in die halfeindronde van die Varsity-hokkiereeks en die USSA- en WP-titels.

Met die vroue wat ook die WP-titel gewen het, was dit die negende keer wat albei Maties-spanne in een seisoen die liga wen. Die ander jare was in 1979, 1997, 2007, 2009, 2013-2016.

Maties Mans se WP-titels: 1904, 1907, 1923, 1928, 1979, 1980, 1985, 1997, 1998, 2007, 2009, 2013-2016.


7 Steinhoff Maties in SA u21 hockey team : 2016-08-01


Seven players from Steinhoff Maties hockey club have been chosen to represent South Africa at the u21 World Cup in India later in the year.

Tarryn Glasby, Dani Cairns and Christine Seggie have been selected for the SA u21 women’s team, while the men are Alex Stewart, Robert McKinley, Matt de Sousa and Charles Bowren. Stewart will captain the SA u21 men’s team for the tournament held in December.

“Captaining this team is a massive honour and privilege,” said Stewart. “One of the reasons is that it’s evident that this u21 team that we have now, is going to be the future of SA hockey and to be able to lead this team and to start the next generation is quite an honour. I also believe that we are the first team that does not have to worry about issues like quotas, because we were all born after 1995. It really is pretty special to be the leader of this team. We have also eight players in the team that got our first caps for the senior team at the start of the year when the SA men’s senior side played against Ireland, Belgium and Canada. We all played really well and got some vital experience.”

Stewart is the second Matie to lead the SA u21 team the past few years after Dylan Swanepoel in 2013. Swanepoel is the current Maties men’s captain. “To be the leader and captain of this team is a big task, but I believe I am up for it. I’m getting great mentorship from Dylan, senior players, coaches and my dad!” Stewart is the son of legendary Matie Leith Stewart who also played hockey for South Africa.


7 Steinhoff Maties vir SA o.21-span gekies

Sewe spelers van Steinhoff Maties Hokkieklub is gekies om Suid-Afrika later vanjaar by die o.21-Wêreldbeker-toernooi in Indië te verteenwoordig.

Tarryn Glasby, Dani Cairns en Christine Seggie is gekies vir die SA o.21-vroue, terwyl die mans Alex Stewart, Robert McKinley, Matt de Sousa en Charles Bowren is. Stewart is die kaptein van die SA o.21-manspan vir die toernooi in Desember.

“Om die kaptein van die span te wees is ‘n reuse-eer en voorreg,” sê Stewart. “Een van die redes is dat dit duidelik is die o.21-span wat ons nou het, is die toekoms van Suid-Afrikaanse hokkie. En om die span te lei is ‘n groot eer. Ek glo ook dat ons die eerste span is wat nie hoef te bekommer oor kwessies soos kwotas nie, want ons is almal gebore na 1995. Dit is regtig spesiaal om die span se leier te wees. Ons het ook agt spelers in die span wat vroeër vanjaar ons debuut vir die senior span gemaak het toe die SA span teen Ierland, België en Kanada gespeel het. Ons het goed gespeel en baie waardevolle ervaring opgedoen.”

Stewart is die tweede Matie om die SA o.21-span lei die afgelope paar jaar na Dylan Swanepoel in 2013. Swanepoel is die huidige Maties mans-kaptein. “Om die leier en kaptein van die span te wees is ‘n groot taak, maar ek glo ek gereed daarvoor. Ek kry baie leiding en raad van Dylan, die senior spelers, afrigters en my pa!” Stewart is die seun van die legendariese Matie Leith Stewart, wat ook vir Suid-Afrika hokkie gespeel het.

The sweetest of USSA victories for Steinhoff Maties Men : 2016-07-12


After letting themselves down at USSA tournaments the past few years, the Steinhoff Maties Hockey men finally overcame the title hurdle to win the first USSA men’s title for the club since 2009.

Dylan Swanepoel and his Maroon Platoon of merry men went to USSA in Johannesburg with the knowledge that for many of them it is now or never to win a title other than the local Western Province league title. In a thrilling final against Tuks – a repeat of the Varsity Hockey semi-earlier in the season – Maties took a 2-0 lead, but after two quick goals from Tuks it went to a shoot-out for the title. Maties held their nerve and lifted the trophy as victors.

“The USSA gold medal means a lot. We put in a lot of hard work this season; especially in our preparation camp leading up to the tournament. We have underperformed at USSA for the last few years, so to finally get a gold medal is a great feeling,” said Swanepoel, who was part of the team that finished third last year.

The Maties teams always have a great team spirit, but last week players and management felt that something special was happening within the ranks of the squad.

“The team spirit was a vital part of our success. We placed a huge emphasis on having fun at the tournament. We have always been a close team, but this week was different. Every member of the team – from management to players – put in a huge amount of effort to have a good time on and off the field. You have to enjoy what you are doing.”

Striker Keenan Horne was named player of the tournament. He has been an instrumental player for Maties for a few years now.

“We had four key words to help us remain focused and calm on the field. One of those keywords was trust. It’s simply about knowing that when your teammate is pushing you and instructing you their actions are purely for the benefit of the team. Getting individual recognition after winning the gold was a very overwhelming feeling. The focus for the week was purely on winning the title with the team and in a team sport you sacrifice for the team and rely on the team. It’s always special being recognised but it’s the team that gave me the opportunity to express myself and for that I will always be thankful.”

Maties will now continue their quest for a fourth consecutive WP league title when they take on Ikeys on Saturday 23 July in the next league fixture.



Tough test awaits at USSA for Steinhoff Maties Hockey : 2016-07-03


Steinhoff Maties Hockey’s High Peformance Manager Paul Revington spoke to Maties HP about USSA.

Why is USSA an important tournament for Maties Hockey?

“Dealing with and negotiating through tournaments is always the ultimate test at International level in hockey. USSA offers the South African hockey calendar an opportunity for the students to really test themselves in such an environment. Any test of skill, character and mental toughness has always been welcomed at Maties Hockey and at USSA the players, coaches and support staff are tested on all these levels with five hard games in a row. To be USSA champions would suggest Maties Hockey is doing something right!”


What are the goals for this year’s tournament?

“I like to try to live in Utopia! Always aim to play the ‘perfect’ game in offense and defense. What does this look like? Both teams (Men and Women) will have a host of performance goals for the event, then broken down into specific performance goals for each game along the journey. Obviously Maties always want to win every USSA! It makes more sense to continually focus on these performance goals to get to the end goal. While we focus on these goals we will always strive to have a good degree of enjoyment and fun. That in the end is why we play this beautiful game!”


Some disappointments at last year’s tournament and the men at Varsity Hockey this year; how important is it to have a good tournament in the light of this?

“From the Women’s team perspective we overachieved in my opinion in 2015 at Varsity tournament and USSA. We lost a lot of players and really worked hard between February and July 2015 to make up the ground last year. We have lost another three influential players from USSA 2015 but got in several classy new recruitments. The likes of Quanita Bobbs, Heather McEwan, Tarryn Glasby and Nicole Le Fleur (to name a few) are leading this new group extremely well. I am excited for them because they are capable of playing well and consistently!

“From the Men’s team perspective we improved (3rd) in 2015 after the disappointment of 5th in 2014 so it was not all doom and gloom last year. We would like to produce five consistent performances that would make our Maties players proud in 2016. There is a lot of ability in the Men’s squad but nothing can be achieved without consistency of effort, hard work and internal self-belief. I am excited for this group too because they are also very close to putting all the ingredients together in a single event.”


Steinhoff Maties Hockey back on winning track  : 2016-06-08


After losing its first Western Province Grand Challenge (WPGC) match in three seasons against Central a few weeks ago, the Steinhoff Maties Hockey men’s team got back on the winning track this past weekend by beating Fish Hoek 5-1.

Goals were scored by Keenan Horne (2), James Drummond and Reece Arendse (2).

Maties are currently second on the log behind WPCC. They have played nine games: won five, drew three and lost one.

Captain Dylan Swanepoel is not completely satisfied with the way his team has been performing in the WPGC.

“We have been very inconsistent. We have a young team, but this is not an excuse. We have put plenty of hours into our training and we need to reward ourselves better for all the hard work we do by being more consistent.”

One of the biggest league games thus far was against WPCC. Maties were 1-3 down with only a few minutes left to play and only scored the equalising goal with 20 seconds left on the clock.

“We didn’t play well in this game but we showed great character and mental strength to get a draw by scoring in the last few seconds.”

Swanepoel explained that there were a few players struggling with injuries at the time and that they didn’t play that game with a full squad.

He wants his team to be more consistent and not be overwhelmed by the pressure of being three-time defending champions.

“There is definitely some pressure, but we know we are a totally new team compared to the last few seasons, so there is no expectation for us to ‘defend’ the league. We are rebuilding the first team after having lost so many experienced players and we understand that things won’t be the same as in previous few years. However, we are still doing everything possible to make sure we give ourselves the best chance at winning the league again.”

This is Swanepoel’s second season as captain of Maties.

“It is special to captain such a talented bunch of players and an honour to lead them all to become better human beings and hockey players. We have a great group of guys in the team, and I really enjoy the responsibility.”

Next up for Maties is the USSA tournament in Johannesburg from 4-8 July. Their next WPCG game is on 20 July against Vics (currently fourth on the log).