Stellenbosch 3D print lab – first print!

Our first 3D print is completed!

As experts in 3D scanning, taking visualization to the next level with physical prints is something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time. This first print is a DNA helix for educational use. 3D printing is offered as an accessible facility for students and the public, as well as commercial companies. This initative is in collaboration with the Idea2Product Lab and the Stellenbosch University’s Launchlab, where the lab will be based from 1st March. Until then we are open for use at the CT Scanner Facility in PO Sauer building.

This is the first print:

dna helix

This is the base pairs of the DNA (parts) also finished and finally the base pairs linked into the structure:

dan helix with base pairs printed

dna helix completed


Check a nice video showing the printing in process for this model:



Welcome to the Idea2Product Lab Stellenbosch’s first web post.

We are the first 3D print lab in Stellenbosch, opening officially 1st Feb 2015. In the meantime check out