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Electronics supply shortage

If you have been waiting for a laptop or other hardware you ordered last year you would undoubtedly noticed that delivery is taking longer than usual. This inconvenience is caused by a worldwide supply shortage of electronics. Even the Administration of President Joe Biden had to acknowledge that their plans to recover the American economy from the corona virus pandemic by alleviating any shortfalls in electronics such as computer chips are likely to be limited.

The two companies that the university appointed as suppliers for laptops and desktops, Dell and Lenovo also notified us of the supply shortage. Lenovo has been informed by their manufacturing plants that there are continuing supply shortages in the global market. This has been the case for much of 2020 but has been exacerbated by the COVID19 worldwide pandemic.

Dell, along with other IT manufacturers and OEM providers are experiencing some severe component shortage on their notebook range, these components include LCD screens, as well as CPUs resulting in extended lead times up. This was brought about by a number of factors including increased demand due to increased number of people working remotely, as well as supply constraints at various factories.

A more detailed explanation is further explained here.

We appreciate your patience. Unfortunately we are dealing with unusual circumstances beyond our control, but please know that we are trying our best to ensure your orders reach you as soon as possible. 



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