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Fortunately Microsoft has found the )] TJ ET BT 61.016 531.066 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(solution with one of their Office365 ad-ins.)] TJ ET 0.373 0.169 0.255 rg BT 61.016 511.077 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(FindTime)] TJ ET 0.373 0.169 0.255 RG 0.18 w 0 J [ ] 0 d 61.016 509.926 m 98.519 509.926 l S 0.400 0.400 0.400 rg BT 98.519 511.077 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [( is an optional add-in which simplifies the process of )] TJ ET BT 61.016 500.088 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(finding the appropriate date and time for a meeting between )] TJ ET BT 61.016 489.099 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(colleagues. It's particularly useful when there are attendees from )] TJ ET BT 61.016 478.110 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(non-SU, external companies.)] TJ ET BT 61.016 458.121 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(With )] TJ ET BT 81.518 458.121 Td /F4 9.0 Tf [(FindTime )] TJ ET BT 124.025 458.121 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(the organiser creates a voting poll where the )] TJ ET BT 61.016 447.132 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(available dates and times are listed. The attendees can then vote )] TJ ET BT 61.016 436.143 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(for the times and dates which suit them best.)] TJ ET BT 61.016 416.154 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(When the poll is compiled the following functions are also )] TJ ET BT 61.016 405.165 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(available:)] TJ ET 0.400 0.400 0.400 RG 85.866 387.992 m 85.866 388.405 85.696 388.814 85.404 389.106 c 85.113 389.398 84.703 389.567 84.291 389.567 c 83.878 389.567 83.469 389.398 83.177 389.106 c 82.885 388.814 82.716 388.405 82.716 387.992 c 82.716 387.580 82.885 387.170 83.177 386.879 c 83.469 386.587 83.878 386.417 84.291 386.417 c 84.703 386.417 85.113 386.587 85.404 386.879 c 85.696 387.170 85.866 387.580 85.866 387.992 c f BT 91.016 385.176 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(to create the meeting automatically as soon as everyone agrees on a time and date;)] TJ ET 85.866 377.003 m 85.866 377.416 85.696 377.825 85.404 378.117 c 85.113 378.409 84.703 378.578 84.291 378.578 c 83.878 378.578 83.469 378.409 83.177 378.117 c 82.885 377.825 82.716 377.416 82.716 377.003 c 82.716 376.591 82.885 376.181 83.177 375.890 c 83.469 375.598 83.878 375.428 84.291 375.428 c 84.703 375.428 85.113 375.598 85.404 375.890 c 85.696 376.181 85.866 376.591 85.866 377.003 c f BT 91.016 374.187 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(to immediately book the date in your diary;)] TJ ET 85.866 366.014 m 85.866 366.427 85.696 366.836 85.404 367.128 c 85.113 367.420 84.703 367.589 84.291 367.589 c 83.878 367.589 83.469 367.420 83.177 367.128 c 82.885 366.836 82.716 366.427 82.716 366.014 c 82.716 365.602 82.885 365.192 83.177 364.901 c 83.469 364.609 83.878 364.439 84.291 364.439 c 84.703 364.439 85.113 364.609 85.404 364.901 c 85.696 365.192 85.866 365.602 85.866 366.014 c f BT 91.016 363.198 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(to receive updates on the voting poll when someone votes;)] TJ ET 85.866 355.025 m 85.866 355.438 85.696 355.847 85.404 356.139 c 85.113 356.431 84.703 356.600 84.291 356.600 c 83.878 356.600 83.469 356.431 83.177 356.139 c 82.885 355.847 82.716 355.438 82.716 355.025 c 82.716 354.613 82.885 354.203 83.177 353.912 c 83.469 353.620 83.878 353.450 84.291 353.450 c 84.703 353.450 85.113 353.620 85.404 353.912 c 85.696 354.203 85.866 354.613 85.866 355.025 c f BT 91.016 352.209 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(to close the voting poll so that no other times can be suggested and)] TJ ET 85.866 344.036 m 85.866 344.449 85.696 344.858 85.404 345.150 c 85.113 345.442 84.703 345.611 84.291 345.611 c 83.878 345.611 83.469 345.442 83.177 345.150 c 82.885 344.858 82.716 344.449 82.716 344.036 c 82.716 343.624 82.885 343.214 83.177 342.923 c 83.469 342.631 83.878 342.461 84.291 342.461 c 84.703 342.461 85.113 342.631 85.404 342.923 c 85.696 343.214 85.866 343.624 85.866 344.036 c f BT 91.016 341.220 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(verification by PIN.)] TJ ET BT 61.016 321.231 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(The FindTime add-in can be installed in Outlook 365 \(for web-based email, the Outlook client or Apple OSX\). If external )] TJ ET BT 61.016 310.242 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(people are invited to the meeting it's not necessary for them to use Outlook - everything is done through a link sent by )] TJ ET BT 61.016 299.253 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(FindTime.)] TJ ET BT 61.016 279.264 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(You can install )] TJ ET 0.373 0.169 0.255 rg BT 122.045 279.264 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(FindTime)] TJ ET 0.373 0.169 0.255 RG 0.18 w 0 J [ ] 0 d 122.045 278.113 m 159.548 278.113 l S 0.400 0.400 0.400 rg BT 159.548 279.264 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [( yourself from the )] TJ ET 0.373 0.169 0.255 rg BT 231.575 279.264 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(Microsoft )] TJ ET 0.18 w 0 J [ ] 0 d 231.575 278.113 m 270.581 278.113 l S 0.400 0.400 0.400 rg BT 270.581 279.264 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(website or log a request on the )] TJ ET 0.373 0.169 0.255 rg BT 396.149 279.264 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(ICT Partner Portal)] TJ ET 0.18 w 0 J [ ] 0 d 396.149 278.113 m 468.671 278.113 l S 0.400 0.400 0.400 rg BT 468.671 279.264 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [( for one of our )] TJ ET BT 61.016 268.275 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(technicians.)] TJ ET BT 438.448 248.286 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [([ARTICLE BY ARLO KOEN])] TJ ET BT 61.016 229.797 Td /F3 9.0 Tf [(Posted in:Communication,General,Tips | | With 0 comments)] TJ ET q 225.000 0 0 168.750 325.984 404.074 cm /I2 Do Q endstream endobj 8 0 obj << /Type /Font /Subtype /Type1 /Name /F1 /BaseFont /Helvetica-Bold /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding >> endobj 9 0 obj << /Type /Font /Subtype /Type1 /Name /F2 /BaseFont /Helvetica /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding >> endobj 10 0 obj << /Type /Font /Subtype /Type1 /Name /F3 /BaseFont /Helvetica-Oblique /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding >> endobj 11 0 obj << /Type /Font /Subtype /Type1 /Name /F4 /BaseFont /Helvetica-BoldOblique /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding >> endobj 12 0 obj << /Type /Annot /Subtype /Link /A 13 0 R /Border [0 0 0] /H /I /Rect [ 61.0157 510.2446 98.5187 519.4021 ] >> endobj 13 0 obj << /Type /Action /S /URI /URI (https://findtime.microsoft.com/) >> endobj 14 0 obj << /Type /Annot /Subtype /Link /A 15 0 R /Border [0 0 0] /H /I /Rect [ 122.0447 278.4316 159.5477 287.5891 ] >> endobj 15 0 obj << /Type /Action /S /URI /URI (https://findtime.microsoft.com/) >> endobj 16 0 obj << /Type /Annot /Subtype /Link /A 17 0 R /Border [0 0 0] /H /I /Rect [ 231.5747 278.4316 270.5807 287.5891 ] >> endobj 17 0 obj << /Type /Action /S /URI /URI (https://findtime.microsoft.com/) >> endobj 18 0 obj << /Type /Annot /Subtype /Link /A 19 0 R /Border [0 0 0] /H /I /Rect [ 396.1487 278.4316 468.6707 287.5891 ] >> endobj 19 0 obj << /Type /Action /S /URI /URI (http://servicedesk.sun.ac.za) >> endobj 20 0 obj << /Type /XObject /Subtype /Image /Width 300 /Height 225 /Filter /FlateDecode /DecodeParms << /Predictor 15 /Colors 1 /Columns 300 /BitsPerComponent 8>> /ColorSpace /DeviceGray /BitsPerComponent 8 /Length 479>> stream xA 7 !Stk:'fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff볯 endstream endobj 21 0 obj << /Type /XObject /Subtype /Image /Width 300 /Height 225 /SMask 20 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode /DecodeParms << /Predictor 15 /Colors 3 /Columns 300 /BitsPerComponent 8>> /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB /BitsPerComponent 8 /Length 61293>> stream xyuYv>7U=ꮶ ݞ D12$'R$(!"Q"2H`0SB,e8vo|go~m+_{{9O?>zpTUDt}f*"7bf"j"KDԛooG b0Ԡ`jfgDkb*oLMDULLOZ3I1Kջ֌YYETUJѶ[;z,%Sf;9b㡧0ڤEDZ8 '%ƀ}43|o{U /OZvZեZjf5L<͛ii2)) @s%&%X*HTU̚m<9DT'f8nW*c#Lޥm]~~yai WZtGcdC#Qk6iH83&2(U*?Y#Wy\vA7*k  ᐻv1;ӳJC|,XIO QSmYŊY&fG!WZeiDUE@읚1tkz71vpy aJ[0l8_D̽؞+]q@OK8cdT  [ Go-YL$bs^?|iB7`Y;'˄b OTpC`JƗhHVOPs&beRbV5ZQEUh)-LCjּ~bw; F܅m'9ROw32P34⃡0To "qEquh6<$@t TE.[x!ªVAR+_D&%  (٥ p! u~0w0e;#IRH?ㄔUTԊV*}Hj5/RZd=Il Z40=a$8'clZUxeDKh yMFEAkrtƓUi 2̎r1<@6$'CsÔCS [X1yzD nH>'W .R>)jgp(޻j&1u٭FqDYZ ̬.h-R( v 3QP-Z6^fZ.-. >d|hu~ @gx9^U=3PB9ր| %BϡYȱpFS4&4E"#"S.*vz4TKGЉ Cf|R ūDLv=ζ #1P(. ]b,A ph(e+&~!(LK;v}k zbEVQ-HFðE6PJ4GETun.x8Pԙ a" d9bE6ʌI >Qbq r[C6tT#PM ES Lޭ6a^ p10:Gyd"Rzc7od}_&~Evg!jqP j-43ĬYVb"RTݓ>$}%PU-shx%h<~C, }m-9n6t7'cjp̈́Lilم5k=ƌ|;ÕaL@vbV S3v{8լ-(.bphaX1gPQ7Dpԕ B$ iV2NrOLHk ).т#qbTGLI=̫X辗DE=+L?ZRюMAgzңDZ\'DNn0PL3,ؕig!V9Y;a[|P? ]DS=ZRDt k]Vc j00.l1*RC$ JjiZ9!M1:H1 ,PfƦ|{3( [v5)Tb2nfa*1~c4_?K#Tp-; ,D܃#v. 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Why is my new PC taking so long?

Thursday, July 8th, 2021

If you have been waiting for a computer or other hardware you have ordered, you would have noticed that delivery is taking much longer than usual. This is undoubtedly a big inconvenience and cause much frustration.  

The reason for these delays is a worldwide supply shortage of semiconductors effecting 169 industries, ranging from car manufacturing, steel production, consumer electronics and even soap manufacturing just to name a few.

What caused these shortages? Apart from Covid-19 pandemic causing an increase on the number of people working remotely and requiring equipment, a number of other factors also played a role such as the tech war between the U.S. and China.

It is also not expected that the chip industry will be back to its healthy supply-demand situation until 2023.

The two companies that the university appointed as suppliers for laptops and desktops, Dell and Lenovo also notified us of the severe component shortages, and they are doing their best to shorten delivery periods under these severe circumstances.  The shortages include LCD screens, CPUs, audio cards and network cards resulting in extended lead times.

A more detailed explanation is provided here.

We appreciate your patience. Unfortunately, we are dealing with unusual circumstances beyond our control, but please know that we are trying our best to ensure your orders reach you as soon as possible.



Home or office? Your opinion

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

In a previous article we asked you how you felt about working from home and if the past year and a bit made you see the office space differently.

We’ve had a overwhelming reaction and a flood of emails in our inbox. It’s clear that our staff have strong opinions about the issue. Here’s what you said:


“I have returned to office for the first time on 25 March 2021, and returned to working from home after the president’s last speech. Going back to the office almost felt like a setback to my productivity.”

I will definitely not want to go back. I really don’t need to be in an office to get any of my work done. I actually have minimal interruptions getting my work done at home than running around moving from one building to the next for meetings then being interrupted at my desk when I eventually get around to doing my admin.”

“I am working from home since 1 June 2018 and am not prepared to go back soon; would be wonderful if I could work from home permanently or only go to the office once a week for instance.”

“To be honest, I dread the day SU’s top management announces that all personnel should be returning to their offices.”

Working from home is just so much better! I cannot even imagine to work for long hours between those four office walls again. Why waste time to travel in and out, when you can utilise that time working? If you are a committed person who can be trusted to do the job from home, and your type of work allows it, why do you have to go to the office? I think it is time for change.”

“I really hope SU Management will realise that personnel (not all of course) are more productive working from home, and save hours every week not sitting in traffic, and will make the decision to give personnel the option of working from home or the office, with of course going into the office for meetings, etc. BUT, my preference would be this new “normal” to continue.”

“I really and truly hope that some form of home-working will be allowed to continue in the future, as I honestly can’t imagine being locked away in an office again every day. It is such a depressing thought.”

Tuis 100% 5 dae van die week.”

“The effect of trying to cram everything into the hours between the travelling, as well as the effect on my home life is just not worth the money. If I have to return to the old model, I will resign. It was taking a terrible toll on my health, and the toxic atmosphere at work didn’t help.

“I love working from home. I feel much more productive and must happier overall.

Working from home has been really good for me. I would like to continue working from home. I invested personal money to set up a really functional home office with an extra computer screen and printer. I can do everything that is needed from my home office.”

All of my (and my team’s) work is online and can be tracked, so productivity is not an issue. Having said that, I have colleagues whom I have not seen for more than a year. I will not be as drastic to leave my job if I am forced to return, but my work output will drop to make up for the time and money wasted.”

“Tuiswerk het my persepsie verander in die sin dat dit nou bewys is dat, in die IT-wêreld, dit definitief moontlik is vir sommige personeellede om permanent van die huis af te werk. ”

I am very happy working from home. Of course, I visit the office twice a month! So far everything is going well, in terms of productivity!”


The only truly safe place is my home. No matter how much people sanitise or take temperatures or take down personal details of the visitors or colleagues in the building, it’s not enough. Too many bodies moving in and out of a building cannot guarantee my well-being or that of my family when I am being put in a position to take home whatever germs I pick up at work.”

Currently I will not feel safe going back to the office. In my opinion, it might be better if this working from home setup can become permanent, with going into office only if physically needed, which I feel is minimal or none at all.”

Ek sal eers veilig voel indien almal rondom my die inenting gekry het (en dit gaan nooit gebeur nie, want jy kan dit nie afdwing nie)”

“I am extremely reluctant to return to the office, mostly because I enjoy working from home so much, but also because those colleagues that have returned to the office are very lackadaisical about wearing masks and so I feel much more exposed in the office compared to in the safety of my home.”

Due to the fact that I have an auto-immune disease, I also prefer not to get in contact with many people.”

“While I do miss interactions with and getting to know colleagues, I’ve become overly aware of surroundings and will probably want to maintain some form of social distance in the future.


Myself, and almost all my direct colleagues have managed to continue working at full capacity from home, doing all the same jobs we used to do in the office environment. It has become evident that there really is very little need to return to the office.”

“I prefer working from home. I don’t have to be on campus, because the students I administer are doing their studies online. I have no need for a printer, as I have been working paperless for the past 15 months. “

My ideal working situation would be to have a few days at home and a few in the office

“I now follow a blended learning approach with my lectures and assessments online and practical and lab aspects face to face. It works really well. I think the students get a better learning experience.

Totally feasible to work from home, and I would prefer to do so.  No reason to sit in an office just for the sake of sitting in an office.”

In our line of work, building relationships are vital, and that needs to happen (in my opinion) face-to-face – so for those meetings / workshops, etc. I will gladly go to campus.

“Virtual meetings too seem to be much more to the point and effective. I would definitely prefer to continue to work from home and only drive to campus for lectures or meetings that HAVE to be face2face.”

I definitely prefer to be on campus to give classes in person. I like to look my students in the eye to determine whether they are really following what I am saying or not. I found it difficult to judge whether the students understood what I was saying when classes were fully online. However, having said that, I prefer to work from home for all other work obligations. I would like to remain working from home and only returning to campus to give class and meet with students.”

Ek sal wel bereid wees om 1 of 2 keer per week in te gaan kantoor toe.  Ek het bv. 4/5 van ons nuwe personeellede nog nie van aangesig-tot-aangesig ontmoet nie, en dit is baie sleg, en ek vermoed vir hulle nog slegter! “

“With regards to the work from home, I admit that more face to face interaction (be it behind a mask) with colleagues is necessary. However, I still loathe the prospect of sitting in traffic again. In my own context (support services) my team and I have been perfectly happy and effective working from home so there isn’t a critical need for us to be back at the office. But I understand and appreciate that not everyone has this option. “

“In our own office there are teams that had to get back as soon as the president allowed it. There are even colleagues who could stay home, but prefer to work at the office because they are completely alone at home. This is why I appreciate the University’s policy of “each team decide for themselves”.


 “Since I’ve been working from home, I have:

  • Increased my working hours (I don’t have to leave at a specific time to beat the afternoon traffic)
  • Wasted less time (corridor / kitchen chats, lunches away from the desk)
  • Had, in general, a more welcoming work environment (my study, my bathroom, my kitchen, my aircon)
  • Saved money on petrol (so much petrol money saved!)
  • Saved time on commuting (get up later in the morning because I don’t have an hour’s traffic to factor in).”

“Ek geniet elke oomblik wat ek van die huis af kan werk om (o.a.) die volgende redes:

  • Ek spaar soveel tyd (gemiddeld ‘n uur en ‘n half wat ek gewoonlik in die verkeer sou moes bestee);
  • Ek is meer ontspanne, want ek het nie die stres wat met verkeer gepaardgaan nie;
  • Ek spaar slytasie op my motor en gemiddeld R1400 se petrolgeld per maand;
  • Dit het geensins ‘n impak op my werksuitsette nie, trouens, my werksuitsette is vinniger en beter;
  • Tydens my middagete kan ek my aandete voorberei;
  • Ek is by my huis om vir iemand wat nutswerk in, of om my huis moet verrig, oop te sluit;
  • Ek is nie blootgestel aan die ongesonde omgewing van ‘n oopplankantoor nie;
  • Ek is nie blootgestel aan ‘n sentrale lugversorger wat heel moontlik kan bydra tot gesondheidsprobleme nie (twee persone op ons vloer se lugwegprobleme het byvoorbeeld verdwyn vandat hulle van die huis af werk, nadat hulle letterlik jare daarmee gesukkel het)”

 “… I do not have to waste time in the traffic. I can concentrate better without constant interruptions and I have a private office at home instead of using an “open design” office at work.”

“I am intending to work from home as the main mode of work.

  • I am more efficient at home than at work (excluding the annoyance of load-shedding, but am trying to work out a solution for that).
  • My office area will be undergoing renovation for the next year and I will have a temporary office.
  • I have been able to connect with my students for more hours per week via Teams and other electronic formats than previously. Some face-time will be useful for some students.
  • My work is largely computer-based (bioinformatics) so that physical presence at work is not really required most of the time.
  • I have a decent (personal) computer infrastructure at home with fast fibre Internet (50 Mbps)
  • I can administer and use my servers in the Data Centre / Machine room remotely almost all of the time (occasionally physical presence in the machine room is necessary).
  • I do not have to spend time in traffic, which a complete waste of time.

Consequently, I envisage a hybrid approach to work in the future.”

“My absence from the “office” has been commented on, but I cannot see the justification for

  • doing a 60km round trip; 
  • spending up to 2.5 hours in my car;
  • adding to greenhouse gases, climate change;
  • devaluing my vehicle;
  • spending my small disposable income on petrol;
  • the daily massive stress of Stellenbosch traffic

in order to do precisely the same thing at my office in Stellenbosch.”

“It is less stressful and better for your health to work in a more relaxed environment. While I save on time and petrol, the University save on office space and electricity.”

“I find that I am almost twice as productive working from home compared to working in the office, because I am not constantly interrupted by people wanting to have a quick chat.”

 “… I do not have to waste time in the traffic. I can concentrate better without constant interruptions and I have a private office at home instead of using an “open design” office at work.”

“I start working at 7 or 8 in the morning, whereas if I have to battle the traffic, I may get to the office only at 9 every day. I don’t feel as rushed, angry at taxi drivers and other road users, and am not interrupted as much by colleagues and students who just quickly want to “say hello”.”

“It honestly makes a significant difference to my life. Besides for the time saved on commuting, I am more at ease in my own space, which assists me to stay focused without any interruptions.”

“Working from home I found I am more productive, within a calmer environment, where I could produce more positive outcomes.”

“While I do miss interactions with and getting to know colleagues, I’ve become overly aware of surroundings and will probably want to maintain some form of social distance in the future. “


I prefer working from home; I must admit I work actually harder and longer hours.”

Baie van my kollegas kla dat hulle buite werksure gepla word – dit is waar grense inkom.  Die feit dat jy van die huis af werk is nie veronderstel om jou werksure te verleng/te verander nie.  Ek begin stiptelik om 8 uur te werk, beweeg weg van my rekenaar tydens middagete, en skakel dit weer stiptelik om 16:30 af.  As jy nie self grense gaan stel nie, gaan jy misbruik word.”

“Ek vermoed ook dat dit vir introverte baie makliker is om van die huis af te werk as vir ekstroverte.  Ek dink nie hegte vriendskappe word by die werk gesmee nie, so dit is ook nie asof ‘n mens die “vriende” by die werk mis nie, ‘n mens kan in elk geval d.m.v. Teams gesels, sou jy wou.”

“I would like to keep working from home, but it may cost me my marriage.  The conflicts that arise at home because of having to interact with the good wife for too many hours per day is difficult to manage.”

“Working from home is amazing! I feel more flexible to deal with family responsibilities. I do however find myself working more/longer hours when I am at home, as you are available at all hours to respond to emails. ”


Home or office?

Monday, June 7th, 2021

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that working from home is entirely feasible – depending on the type of job you have, of course. Many companies have opted to allow their staff to work from home even after the pandemic. Opinions on whether this is a good idea are vast and varied. 

Earlier this week US news outlet, Bloomberg, cited that, according to a survey, 39% of US employees would consider quitting their jobs if required to return to work and many already have. Similarly PC Mag reported on the willingness of employees to switch jobs in order to keep working from home.

How do you feel about going back to the office? Has working from home changed your perception of the office? Would you feel safe going back? We would love to know what you think. Please email us at bitsbytes@sun.ac.za. Your comments will be treated as anonymous.

More articles on the topic:

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Image by Chris Benson via Unsplash

Adjust your font size

Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

Are the characters in your emails suddenly substantially smaller than a year or two ago? Not? Then you are clearly still too young. For the rest of us – you know who you are, I see you squinting at your screen – there is a solution.

We all know you can change the font of your text in Outlook, for example. The only problem is that the receiver on the other end will have to also read your email in Tahoma size 16. Ideally you should only use a font size of 11 or 12 whether you work in a Word document, in Teams or compile an email. Instead of changing the default font in your applications, there’s another way. 

  1. If you are working on a laptop or tablet with a touch-pad you can access the Text Zoom function by stretching two fingers away from each other. This will activate the zoom function and whatever you read on the screen will be enlarged.
  2. If you are not working on a laptop or don’t have a touch-pad, open a new email (or reply to one) go to Format Text on your Outlook menu bar and select the Zoom option. It will give you the option to enlarge the text up to 200%. (See below) 

        3. The same can be done if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel button to adjust text zoom level (see below)

      4. Not all apps support the Text Zoom by using the touch-pad or Ctrl + mouse wheel. Here is another method for Windows 10 if you want to change the size of text, apps & other items for all Windows apps, other than just Outlook & MS Teams.  Just right-click anywhere on your desktop. Select Display Settings and choose the % you want to enlarge it with.

If you are still struggling you are welcome to log a request for one of our technicians in the ICT Partner Portal.

FindTime add-in for meetings

Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

If the responsibility of organising meetings often falls on your shoulders you will know that it could be a challenge to find a time which works for everyone. Fortunately Microsoft has found the solution with one of their Office365 ad-ins.

FindTime is an optional add-in which simplifies the process of finding the appropriate date and time for a meeting between colleagues. It’s particularly useful when there are attendees from non-SU, external companies. 

With FindTime the organiser creates a voting poll where the available dates and times are listed. The attendees can then vote for the times and dates which suit them best. 

When the poll is compiled the following functions are also available:

  • to create the meeting automatically as soon as everyone agrees on a time and date;
  • to immediately book the date in your diary;
  • to receive updates on the voting poll when someone votes; 
  • to close the voting poll so that no other times can be suggested and 
  • verification by PIN. 

The FindTime add-in can be installed in Outlook 365 (for web-based email, the Outlook client or Apple OSX). If external people are invited to the meeting it’s not necessary for them to use Outlook – everything is done through a link sent by FindTime.

You can install FindTime yourself from the Microsoft website or log a request on the ICT Partner Portal for one of our technicians. 



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