Dr Admark Moyo

Senior Lecturer | Senior Dosent





Dr Admark Moyo joined the Faculty as senior lecturer in November 2022. He teaches Family Law, Advanced Family Law and Children’s Rights. Dr Moyo also supervises postgraduate students carrying out research in Family Law and Children’s Rights. He has extensive experience in producing high quality research and knowledge resources on legal and policy matters affecting children. His publications have been cited with approval by top courts, including the South African Constitutional Court, and leading authorities in various countries across the region. Over the years, he has offered advisory services to CSOs, governments and UN agencies as part of teams offering consultancy services on the rule of children’s rights in Africa. In his previous roles, Dr Moyo has worked with regional bodies, governments and non-state actors in the field of children’s rights and has supported the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child to produce high level continental study reports and normative frameworks or guidelines on various issues affecting children in Africa. He is also an external expert to the Committee’s Working Group on Children with Disabilities in Africa.

Fields of specialisation

Child and Family Law

Modules taught

Family Law

Advanced Family Law

Children’s Rights


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