Dr Lize Mills

Senior Lecturer/Senior Dosent

BA, LLB, LLM LLD (Stell)





Dr Lize Mills is responsible for several of the modules taught at the Faculty in the areas of the Law of Persons, Family Law and Child Law. She also previously lectured Private International Law, the Law of Succession and Introduction to Law. Her specific field of interest lies in children’s rights, although she also studies some aspects of Consumer Law and Food Law. Her doctoral studies uniquely encompassed these interests by examining how the best interests of the child are given practical consideration when the marketing of food to children is being regulated.

Modules taught

Private Law 171

Private Law 452 (Advanced Family Law)

International Law and Children’s Rights (LLM)

Field of specialisation

Children’s Rights

Dr Lize Mills is verantwoordelik vir verskeie van die modules in die areas van die Personereg, Familiereg en Kinderreg wat aan die Fakulteit doseer word. Sy het voorheen ook Internasionale Privaatreg, Erfreg en Inleiding tot die Reg doseer. Haar spesifieke belangstelling is gesetel in kinderregte, alhoewel sy ook sommige aspekte van die Verbruikersreg en Voedselreg bestudeer. Haar doktorale studie het al hierdie belangstellings op ‘n unieke manier verenig deur te ondersoek hoe die beste belange van die kind prakties oorweeg word wanneer die bemarking van kos aan kinders gereguleer word.

Modules aangebied

Privaatreg 171

Privaatreg 452 (Gevorderde Familiereg)

Internasionale Reg en Kinderreg (LLM)

Area van belangstelling




Chapter in book/Hoofstuk in boeke 

  • L Mills “That time of the month: discrimination against girl children who cannot afford sanitary health care” in Skivenes and Søvig (eds) Child Rights and International Discrimination Law: Implementing Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 2019 (co-author with C Howe)
  • L Mills & CS Human “Chapter 16: Intercountry Adoption” Commentary on the Children’s Act (Update: 2019).

Journal articles/Joernaalartikels 

  • L Mills “The virtual reality of child pornography” Stellenbosch Law Review (2003) 2 187-198.
  • L Mills “Stop the press: Why censorship has made headline news (again)” Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal (2007) 1: 1-30.
  • L Mills  & CS Human “The Immeasurable Wrongfulness of Being: The Denial of the Claim for Wrongful Life” Stellenbosch Law Review (2010) 1 67-89.
  • L Mills “Certainty about Surrogacy” Stellenbosch Law Review 2010 (3) 429-437.
  • L Mills “Selling Happiness in a Meal: Serving the Best Interests of the Child at Breakfast, Lunch and Supper” The International Journal of Children’s Rights (2012) 20 (4) 624-644.
  • L Mills “The Regulations Relating to Foodstuffs for Infants and Young Children (R 991): A Formula for the Promotion of Breastfeeding or Censorship of Commercial Speech?” Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal (2014) 17 1; http://www.nwu.ac.za/sites/www.nwu.ac.za/files/files/p-per/issuepages/2014volume17no1/2014%2817%291MillsART.pdf.
  • L Mills “Failing Children: The Courts Disregard the Best Interests of the Child in Le Roux v Dey” The South African Law Journal (2014) 4 847-864.
  • L Mills “Computer Says No: Enforcing divorce upon persons who changed their sex in Europe and South Africa” International Journal of Gender, Sexuality and Law, (2020) (1)1. https://www.northumbriajournals.co.uk/index.php/IJGSL/article/view/994.
  • L Mills & S Thompson “Parental Responsibilities and Rights during the ‘Gender reassignment’ Decision-making Process of Intersex Infants: Guidance in Terms of Article 5 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child” International Journal of Children’s Rights (2020) 28 (3) 547-570.
  • L Mills “Mater Semper (In)Certus Est: A South African Perspective on McConnell v Registrar General for England and Wales” The South African Law Journal (2021) 138 (2) 397-422.


  • L Mills “Finding and using legal information in South Africa” Webber Wentzel 11 November 2010.
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  • L Mills “Childish behaviour, the best interest of the child and the law of delict” NMMU Conference on Private Law and Social Justice – Port Elizabeth: August 2012.
  • L Mills“Selling Happiness in a meal: selling the best interests of the child at breakfast, lunch and supper” Annual Family Law Colloquium – Port Elizabeth: September 2012.
  • L Mills“The Ethical and Legal Aspects of Marketing Food to Children” Continuing Nutrition Education Symposium for Dietitians 29-30 May 2014.
  • L Mills “An introduction to the South African Matrimonial Property Law” Stellenbosch University & Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Joint Research Seminar April 2016.
  • L Mills “The Girl Child’s Right to Sanitary Health Care Products” Forth Annual CRC Colloquium, Bergen, Norway April 2017.
  • L Mills“A Curious Tale of Homophobia in Home Affairs: KOS v Minister of Home Affairs and Others” Clarke Attorneys Annual Family Law Conference, September 2017.
  • L Mills & S Thompson“Parental Responsibilities and Rights during the “Gender Re-assignment” Process of Intersex Infants” Robinson College, Cambridge University, July 2019.
  • L Mills “The uncomplimentary regulation of complementary medicines in South Africa” University of Pretoria Virtual International Consumer Law Conference, September 2020.


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