Dr Delano Cole van der Linde

Senior lektor/Senior lecturer

LLB, LLM, LLD (Stell)






Dr Delano Cole van der Linde is a senior lecturer in the Department of Public Law at Stellenbosch University (SU). He lectures Law of Criminal Procedure 271 and Criminal Law 451. Before joining the SU Faculty of Law, Dr Van der Linde taught at North-West University where he taught several modules, including criminal law (general principles and specific crimes) as well as legal interpretation. He also served as Subject Chair: Criminal law and Criminal procedure law. Dr Van der Linde’s main field of research is organised crime and he has published several peer-reviewed articles in this field. His doctoral dissertation, “Criminal gang activities: A critical and comparative analysis of the statutory framework under South African criminal law”, wherein he advocates for legislative reform, details the textual, procedural, institutional, and constitutional issues surrounding Chapter 4 of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act 121 of 1998. He is currently a board member of the Pavocat Stellenbosch Academy, on the editorial board of the Journal of Contemporary Roman-Dutch Law, and a member of the Society Hugo de Groot. Dr van der Linde is also a contributor for South African Criminal Law and Procedure (Volume III: Statutory Offences). He has received funding from the National Research Foundation to conduct postdoctoral research, which enabled him to expand on his doctoral research. Dr Delano Cole van der Linde is ʼn senior dosent in die Departement Publiekreg aan die Universiteit Stellenbosch. Hy doseer in Strafprosesreg 271 en Strafreg 451.
Voordat Dr Van der Linde by die US se Regsfakulteit aangesluit het, het hy aan die Noordwes-Universiteit doseer, waar hy verskeie modules aangebied het, onder meer strafreg (Algemene beginsels en spesifieke misdade) sowel as regsinterpretasie. Hy het ook as die Vakhoof: Strafreg en Strafprosesreg gedien.
Dr Van der Linde se hoofnavorsingsveld is georganiseerde misdaad. Sy doktorale proefskrif, “Criminal gang activities: A critical and comparative analysis of the statutory framework under South African criminal law” waarin hy sterk pleit vir regshervorming, ʼn uiteensetting verskaf van die tekstuele, prosedurele, institutsionele en grondwetelike kwessies rondom Hoofstuk 4 van die Wet op die Voorkoming van Georganiseerde Misdaad 121 van 1998.
Hy is tans ʼn raadslid van die Pavocat Stellenbosch Academy, dien op die redaksieraad van die Tydskrif vir die Hedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse Reg en is ʼn lid van die Vereniging Hugo de Groot. Dr van der Linde is ook ‘n bydraer tot South African Criminal Law and Procedure (Volume III: Statutory Offences). Hy het befondsing van die Nasionale Navorsingsfonds ontvang om postdoktorale navorsing te doen wat hom in staat gestel het om sy doktorale navorsing uit te brei.

Modules taught

Criminal Procedure 271

Criminal Law 451

Organised Crime in South Africa 842


Modules Aangebied

Strafprosesreg 271

Strafreg 451

Georganiseerde Misdaad in Suid-Afrika 842

Fields of specialisation

Organised crime legislation

Criminal procedure and evidence

Criminal justice


Areas van belangstelling

Georganiseerde misdaad-wetgewing

Strafprosesreg en bewysreg




Publications | Publikasies

Chapters in books | Hoofstukke in boeke

Journal articles | Joernaalartikels

  • DC Van der Linde “Poverty as a ground of indirect discrimination in the allocation of police resources – A discussion of Social Justice Coalition v Minister of Police 2019 4 SA 82 (WCC)” (2019) Potchefstroom electronic law journal 1-28 <https://journals.assaf.org.za/index.php/per/article/view/6625/10184>.
  • DC Van der Linde “The overlap between the common law and Chapter 4 of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act: Is South Africa’s anti-gang legislation enough?” (2020) South African Journal of Criminal Justice.
  • DC Van der Linde “Evidentiary and procedural issues relating to the prevention of Organised Crime Act” (2020) South African Law Journal.
  • DC Van der Linde “Considering the constitutionality of South Africa’s anti-gang legislation in light of the principle of legality” (2020) South African Journal on Human Rights <https://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/KVJXPRWVTDWJP28QVFI9/full?target=10.1080/02587203.2020.1859338>.
  • DC Van der Linde “Die Konstitusionele Hof verskaf sekerheid oor die toepassing van die gemeenskaplike oogmerk op verkragtingsake: ʼn Bespreking van S v Tshabalala and Another 2020 2 SACR 38 (KH)” (2020) 17 LitNet Akademies <https://www.litnet.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/LitNet_Akademies_17-3_VanderLinde_1040-1060.pdf>.
  • DC Van der Linde “The criminalisation of gang activity in South Africa: Re-assessing the rationale” (2020) South African Crime Quarterly 2-35 (https://journals.assaf.org.za/index.php/sacq/article/view/6464/10781).
  • DC van der Linde “Some notes on non-consensual or “revenge porn” under the Film and Publications Amendment Act” Tydskrif vir Hendendaagse Romeins-Hollandse Reg (2021) 22-36.
  • DC van der Linde “Defining the contours of a ‘criminal gang’ and a ‘pattern of criminal gang activity’ under the Prevention of Crime Act” South African Journal of Criminal Justice (2021) 231-258.
  • DC van der Linde “Does the Aggravated Sentencing Regime under the Prevention of Organised Crime Act 121 of 1998 Violate Freedom of Association? A Constitutional and Comparative Analysis” Stellenbosch Law Review (2021) 288-305.
  • DC van der Linde “WARRANTLESS SEARCHES AND AWARDS FOR DAMAGES IN LIGHT OF THE JUDGMENT IN Shashape v The Minister of Police Case No.: 1566/2018” Obiter (2021) 720-733 (https://obiter.mandela.ac.za/article/view/12913/17773).
  • DC van der Linde “An overview of the sentencing regime for gang members under the prevention of Organised Crime Act 121/1998 and the potential for restorative justice” Journal for Juridical Science (2021) 56-79 (https://journals.ufs.ac.za/index.php/jjs/article/view/5824/4248).
  • DC van der Linde “Recent Cases” (2022) South African Journal on Criminal Justice (2022) 74-83.
  • DC van der Linde “Convictions under POCA for managing and participating in a criminal enterprise under POCA: Duplication of convictions? A discussion of the conflict in S v Prinsloo and S v Tiry” (2022) South African Law Journal (2022) 526-540.
  • DC van der Linde No corpus delicti in murder cases: A review of South African judgments dealing with murder cases without a body (2022) Speculum Juris (2022) 165-182. (https://www.ufh.ac.za/sj/SJ2022-001%20PUBV%20Dr%20van%20der%20Linde.pdf).
  • DC van der Linde “Once, Twice, Three Times Delayed: Considering a Permanent Stay of Prosecution in Rodrigues v The National Director of Public Prosecutions” (2022) 1-25 (https://perjournal.co.za/article/view/13096/19352).

Papers delivered | Referate gelewer

  • “Considering the judicial requirement of proportionality for forfeiture under the Prevention of Organised Crime Act” presented at the SARCPL International Conference Transforming Property Law – 15 Years in the Making, Stellenbosch, South Africa (2022).
  • “Indirect discrimination in light of Social Justice Coalition and Others v Minister of Police and Others” presented at the Southern African Law Teachers Conference 2020, Skukuza South Africa (2020).
  • “Leveraging sustainable development goals 1 and 16 in the eradication of criminal gang activity in the Cape Flats” presented at the Social Justice Summit and International Conference, Stellenbosch, South Africa (2019).
  • “Doing law and development differently: Reflections on research methodologies” panel member at the EDOLAD International Summer School in Potchefstroom, South Africa (2019).
  • “Decades after POCA: Substantive and institutional problems with South Africa’s anti-gang legislation” paper presented at the Centre for Trust, Peace & Social Relations, University of Coventry, England (2017).


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