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You can now directly copy the reference for an article you found on Google Scholar using the the “Cite” link. Google Scholar has added the ability to copy-and-paste formatted citations from search results. The import function for reference managers are still in place using the same link.

Great little feature if you want to save time, my only concern is this functionality might be abused by the user, i.e.  inserting references into a document without even downloading the pdf or reading the actual manuscript.

I did a few spot tests, and most of the citations are correct, but formatting issues were spotted now and again, also currently only the MLA, APA, or Chicago styles are supported – so you still have to edit/double check your references.

The Google Scholar blog ends of their update by saying “We hope that simplifying the chore of citation formatting will let you focus on what you really want to work on: writing a great paper!” I want to add: reading articles and writing a great paper!


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