HonsBSc 2015

The 2015 Honours year planned the annual Honours braai with a sporty twist. The theme was Lab Olympics which had all the competitiveness of the real thing but with a whole lot more fun! We divided the Microbiology department into countries and made them participate in the first ever Microbiology inspired Olympic games. The games were spin offs of real events. The events went as followed:

  1. A quiz. Where we asked the countries 5 difficult microbiology questions that no one seemed to know the answers of.
  2. Weighing. Where a team member from each team had to guess out 1g and 10g without the use of a scale.
  3. Weightlifting. Where a member from each country had to hold up a 2 litre bottle of water out in front of them until the last man standing was awarded points. Prof Dicks surprised us all with his nonchalant weightlifting abilities.
  4. Swimming. A team member had to pour a petri dish to their best ability blindfolded. Many of them landed up drenching their tables or pouring nothing at all.
  5. Discus. The athletes for this event lined up in a row and had to throw a taped up petri dish towards a stick in the ground. The aerodynamics of the petri dishes made it difficult for any of them to have any control of their fake discuses and landed up scattering them across the lawn.
  6. Javalin. Blindfolded, a member from each team had to attempt to fill a box of yellow and blue tips. A full-spirited Dr Shelly Deane managed to sabotage the rest of them by pushing the heap of tips onto the ground
  7. Athletics. An athlete from each team was given an envelope and inside was a word they had to act out to the rest of their country. Many athletes resorted to spinning around in circles or doing what seemed like the robot.
  8. For a bonus round we asked the senior most athlete from each team to draw a name from a hat and they had to draw it for the rest of their country. The names included all the lab supervisors. Forcing the senior staff to draw their senior staff members proved to be a good laugh.

The winning teams were awarded handmade chocolate medals, certificates, and a bottle of wine. The success of the braai hopefully sets the tone for a fun and productive year ahead.

To view all the activities of the Lab Olympics and the braai, follow this link to the gallery

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