Prof Leon Dicks

Prof Leon Dicks was one of ​​​​​four Stellenbosch University experts that were honoured by the South African Academy for Science and Arts for their contributions to their respective fields at a rewards ceremony in Stellenbosch on 24 June 2015. Prof Leon Dicks has been awarded the Havenga prize for life sciences. He is only the 32nd  individual to receive this award for biological or life sciences since its inception in 1945, with previous award-winners  such as Prof Eugene Cloete (Vice-Rector: Research and Innovation) and Prof Doug Rawlings also from the Department of Microbiology. This is a prestigious prize awarded annually for original research in the natural sciences and/or technology and can be awarded only once to the same individual.


Dr Tiaan Heunis

Recently the Nature Index 2014 was released– a unique database that tracks the affiliations of high-quality scientific articles in a field, region or globally. The Nature Index is compiled by selecting over 57 000 primary research papers from the top 68 scientific journals in the world. These papers are then weighed in terms of how many authors on a paper came from the same institution or country (the article count or AC) and how many from outside. The more authors there are from the same institution or country, the higher the score (the so-called weighed fractional count or WFC), and vice versa. A paper by Prof Leon Dicks and Tiaan Heunis in collaboration with scientists from Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science (Stellenbosch University) and Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry (Eindhoven University of Technology) (van Wijk, J., Heunis, T., Harmzen, E., Dicks, L. M., Meuldijk, J., & Klumperman, B. (2014). Compartmentalization of bacteria in microcapsules. Chemical Communications, 50(97), 15427-15430) were included in the Nature Index for the subject Chemistry.




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