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Welcome to RenalSmart.


RenalSmart is a product of the Division of Human Nutrition, Faculty of Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University and the Tygerberg Academic Hospital complex, South Africa.The Division has established itself as an important role player in the field of Nutrition in the country. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at the masters and doctorate level and also successfully introduced Technology Mediated Learning within the University’s E-learning environment.  


The RenalSmart Team



Nazeema Esau (BSc Diet, MNutr)

  • Registered dietitian specializing in and teaching renal nutrition
  • Affiliated to the renal unit at Tygerberg Academic Hospital

Nelene Koen (B.Sc Diet, MNutr)

  • Registered dietitian with a special interest in renal nutrition
  • Lecturer at the Division of Human Nutrition , Stellenbosch University

Marietjie Herselman (BSc Dietetics and Physiology, M Nutr, PhD)

  • Retired Professor and specialist in renal nutrition

*Sincere and earnest thankfulness to the original developers of the RenalSmart Application i.e. Marietjie Herselman, Nazeema Esau & retired Professor Demetre Labadarios.


RenalSmart Mission Statement

The RenalSmart web-based application’s mission is to support nutrition professionals in the appropriate management of patients with chronic renal disease.  The application specifically aims to:

  • Lighten the workload of renal dietitians
  • Allow for a more uniform approach to the nutritional management of renal patients
  • Promote the application of science in clinical practice
  • Improve communication between health care professionals in the field of renal nutrition
  • Provide opportunities for ongoing research
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