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RenalSmart is a web-based system designed primarily to support registered dietitians in the nutritional management of their patients with chronic renal failure and diabetic nephropathy, hence they will have full access to the system. Free downloadable material and other interactive options are however available to everyone on the RenalSmart Blog.
What is the RenalSmart Application
The RenalSmart Application can be used to perform the following functions:
• Dietary prescription
• Planning of meal plans
• Planning of menus
• Graphical display of biochemical and anthropometric data


The planning of meal plans and menus are based on the NRIND Food Composition Tables (RSA) and the SA Renal Exchange Lists, which include some indigenous foods. The dietary information used for diabetic nephropathy is based on the American Dietetic Association’s diabetes exchange lists due to a lack of South African information. Dietitians will receive formal approval and will have full access to the system after the required registration details have been completed and sent electronically to the system administrators. The RenalSmart Application link on the RenalSmart Blog can be used to access the Application for registration purposes. After approval dietitians can access the system and will receive 1 free credit to do a test-run on the system and to get familiar with procedures. The system administrators can be contacted during this time for support if necessary.


Following the test-run dietitians will be able to buy credits electronically to enable them to use the Application in clinical practice. Credit options will be available in bundles of 20, 50, 100, 150 or 200 with decreasing cost the more credits you buy. The credits will only be deducted for patient consultations at a rate of one full credit for each new consultation and half a credit for every follow-up consultation.


20 credits @ R10.00 each = R200 (e.g. 20 credits = 20 new consultations or 40 follow-up consultations)
50 credits @ R8.00 each = R400
100 credits @ R7.00 each = R700
150 credits @ R6.00 each = R900
200 credits @ R5.00 each = R1000


Currently the Application is limited to adult patients with chronic renal failure, with or without diabetes mellitus, but future developments will address the management of pediatric patients with renal failure as well.


Refer to the RenalSmart Application Manual for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use the Application.

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