Pack the following items to make your adventure a memorable one. Here are also advice from old team members.
Sea-sickness pills Remember about the return voyage. Avomine and Stugaron are two familiar ones. Ginger also seems to be effective in some cases.
Prescription medication Are you on chronic medication? Please do remember to pack these, as the dispensaries (at the base or on the ship) will not be able to supply you.
Money for the ship Bring money for duty free liquor, snacks and other things at the tuck shop. Remember to leave some money for the trip home (no shops on Gough).
Warm clothes and gloves The trip down south gets very cold. Buffs are also very useful.
Alcohol, cold drinks (sodas) and smokes If you run out during the year, no extra supplies could be delivered. So order more than enough. Order a variety of beverages as you start to crave different tastes.
Good polarized sun-glasses Take at least 1 pair. BondiBlu is a good sponsor to pursue. Their products are great and have been used extensively.
Good waterproof gloves Take 2 pairs. Check what you get issued with and plan accordingly.
Hobbies Take enough recreational material.
Cameras Take a good camera if you’re into photography. Batteries do not last in the cold. Speak to the current team and get advice on photographic equipment before spending 3 months’ salary.

Pretty, shiny, funny clothes (costumes) and décor

It is tradition to have a big party with each team member’s birthday. It is a great idea to make these themed parties, for the team to catch some spirit. Remember about Mid-winter, 40days, 100days, New Years, Christmas. If you want to plan a nice get together take decorations etc. There are things on the island as well (old and used many times before).
Team member birthdays There is a workshop where one can make use of various tools and power tools to make e.g. birthday presents for fellow Islanders. If you are not a handy person, bring a small gift along for each team member.
Communication At the moment you get R100/month telephone calls sponsored by DEA. Find out what the comms policy is and comply. Whatsapp in the bases can work on the wifi network.
Team merchandise Design a team logo and get it printed on hoodies or shirts, or buffs, or beanies, of sweater pants etc. (start with this asap)
Laundry There are automated washing machines and dryers, as well as 2 dry rooms; you do your own laundry. Washing powder is provided by DEA. If you want to use something special take with.
Health Make sure your teeth is in good condition, there is limited dental care available from a medic who done a one week crash course in only dental emergencies.

Medical backup is quite good, wide range of antibiotics etc. Just note, the medic is not trained to remove an appendix, you will be treated with antibiotics, or casevaced back to the RSA, help will only arrive within 4-5 days.

Meals There is no chef; each team member will get a change to cook for roughly a team of 15 members a few times.
Special cooking ingredients Cooking is a big thing. Each team member will get his/her turn to cook. If you have a special recipe make sure the ingredients are available or take your own.
Base clothes and slippers It is very nice to have comfy clothes to wear in base (normal clothes). Sheep wool slippers are ideal for wearing in base. Also remember there is a sauna and Jacuzzi.
Thermals No need to buy extra thermals as you get issued with enough First Assent tops and bottoms (when fitting these make sure you do not take them too small).
Trommels Best way to pack is: put your clothes in the kit-bags (you are supplied with) and place the rest of you stuff in plastic trommels (See photos). Lock each trammel, try and have the same key for all the trammels.
Fishing The Leader on Tristan annually, and in good spirit grants the over wintering team a fishing license. Use it, its fresh fish which is the only fresh food you will see for a year. Bring spoons, plenty of. You can catch snoek from the side on hand line. Speak to your local fishing guru and bring enough tackle, its great fun on a nice day and its fresh meat.
Hiking Find out from current team what camping gear are available in the camp store. You need a very good tent, 4 season. Gusts on Gough can rip tents to shreds. Most of the ground surface are soft, buy extra long and secure tent pegs, the 90+ degree bent peg works well.
Backpack bring a comfortable quality backpack. You’ve not hiked until you’ve hiked on this beautiful island, its difficult, you’ll appreciate a good pack.
Sleeping bag Take one that are nice an warm, but can fold small enough to take little space in you backpack

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