Pack the following items to make your adventure a memorable one. Here are also advice from old team members.
Seasickness pills Remember about the return voyage. Avomine and Stugaron are two familiar ones. Ginger also seems to be effective in some cases.
Prescription medication Are you on chronic medication? Please do remember to pack these, as the dispensaries (at the base or on the ship) will not be able to supply you.
Money for the ship Bring money for duty free liquor, snacks and other things at the tuck shop. Remember to leave some money for the trip home (no shops in Antarctica).
Warm clothes and gloves The trip down south gets very cold. Buffs are also very useful.
Enough clean clothes Due to capacity constraints of the water treatment plant and the size of the standard SANAE take-over you will probably be lucky to get a chance to wash clothes once a week
Wet wipes, Roleon During take-over you will probably shower once every 2 days
Alcohol and smokes If you run out during the year, no extra supplies could be delivered
Good polarized sun-glasses Take at least 2 pairs (ESSENTIAL). You probably will loose at least 1 pair. BondiBlu is a good sponsor to pursue. Their products are great and have been used extensively.
Good durable polar quality gloves Take 2 pairs. Check what you get issued with and plan accordingly. You will be doing smelly’s and all other work with these in winter and they will take a beating. Mild frost bite is also a reality.
If possible: Crampons There are crampons at the base, mostly in bad condition. I took a new pair, truly needed them only 3 times and where extremely glad I took them. There are places you will not be able to go without crampons… and these are some of the most beautiful places.
Hobbies Take enough recreational material.

There are good workshops with enough tools and material if you want to build something… ask the diesel macs and mechanical

eng. before you use their stuff, give tools back and leave workshops clean and tidy.

Electronic equipment Static is a techno-killer down-under. Keep this in mind when you pack expensive electronic equipment.
Humidifier Antarctica is a very, very dry place, if you’re wondering…wood generally does not do very well down there. Guitars deform, pencils bend.
Cameras Take a good camera if you’re into photography. Batteries do not last in the cold. Speak to the current team and get advice on photographic equipment before spending 3 months’ salary.
Pretty, shiny clothes Even if you’re a hardcore goth and think clinical depression is the happiest state of mind, you will eventually pine for colour in the great white.
Special cooking ingredients Cooking is a big thing. Each team member will get his/her turn to cook. If you have a special recipe make sure the ingredients are available or take your own.
Communication At the moment you get R100/month telephone calls sponsored by DEA. Find out what the comms policy is and comply. Whatsapp in the bases can work on the wifi network.
Team merchandise Design a team logo and get it printed on hoodies or shirts, or buffs, or beanies, of sweater pants etc. (start with this asap)

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