Living at the Base

Living at the Base

All the bases are equipped with the essential facilities to provide for a comfortable stay. These include, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, tv lounges, entertainment rooms, bar, library, gym, laboratories, offices, workshops etc. See the gallery of each station for photos of these facilities.

A Chef is appointed for the relief period and will cater for 3 meals a day. If any special meals are required, this should be mentioned during application (vegetarian, halaal etc.)

Communication is available at the base. Phone calls are allowed after work hours and each person gets a 10 minute phone call, twice a week (depending on the amount of personnel on the base). These will be billed according to the communications policy on the station. Internet and email are also available free of charge and the communication officer on the base will assist with setting this up. If you require a network point (LAN point) please take your own LAN cables, as the base do not stock enough to supply everyone. There is also wireless access points throughout each base.

There are no TV broadcast service as all the stations fall outside the broadcasting footprint.

Washing machines and tumble dryers or dry rooms are provided at the bases with washing powder provided by DEA.

After work hours activities can include organised excursions to well known areas of interest, lounging and watching movies, relaxing and socialising in the bar. Each relief period will also enjoy a take-over function when the new team formally takes responsibility of the station. This might be a formal occasion with a dress code.

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