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The Socio-Economic Rights and Administrative Justice Research Project is situated within the Faculty of Law at Stellenbosch University and is aimed at promoting the role of law in facilitating access to socio-economic rights and administrative justice. SERAJ is a sub-project of the Faculty of Law’s Ciucci Centre for Law and Social Development. The overarching objective of the Research Project is to enhance the responsiveness of the legal system to the problems of poverty, socio-economic vulnerability, and administrative injustice at both academic and practical levels. The various research and study projects within SERAJ focus on issues associated with the role of constitutional rights and institutions in eradicating processes of inequality and impoverishment; increasing access to constitutionally enshrined socio-economic rights by disadvantaged groups; and the formulation of focused public programmes and implementation strategies aimed at effective public service delivery in order to translate socio-economic commitments in the Constitution to action aimed at poverty alleviation.

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